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I was just talking to @alywoah earlier about the majesty that is a Marinela snack cake. Has anyone else had a Gansito before? Is it the bomb or is there another Bimbo or Marinela snack cake that's way better?
(Also, bruh. If you haven't had a Gansito before, you need to get on that. It's like a Hostess cupcake on crack.)
OMG gansitos!!!!! Epic stuff, it's almost 2am here but now I'm very tempted to go eat one. Have you tried putting them in the freezer??? ohhhhh yummmmmm
I grew up with gansitos!! 馃榿 lol That and tostitos where were my meal when I would go and stay in Mexico twice a year growing up. I would just walk to el puesto de la vesina or to the farmacia to buy me my meal!
Oh lord Gastinos and Bimbo stuff is so freaking delicious I remember the days of being addicted to then when I was like 14. Also damn you @danidee I now want Gastinos it's been forever since I've had them. 馃槀馃槀
I used to eat Negritos a lot (lol, now they call them Nitos FOR OBVIOUS REASONS), but once I got older and ate them again, I was like blegh this stuff tastes kinda stale... @KPopGaby @YancyArely @Ticasensei @NelyJoss
I used to LOVE gansitos but I started to get nauseated by the strawberry filling and the chocolate. But I now only get bu帽uelos from Bimbo :) or pan tostado with pineapple jam
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