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The tally rules on album sales are about to change drastically.
Today, the RIAA announced it will count on-demand audio and video streaming, along with the traditional album sales, in determining whether a record is platinum or gold.
One stream doesn't equal one sale, however. Instead, 1,500 on-demand audio or video streams will amount to one album sale.
Cary Sherman, CEO and chairman of the RIAA, spoke about the shift in a statement:
"For nearly six decades, whether it’s vinyl, CDs, downloads or now streams, the Gold & Platinum Program has adapted to recognize the benchmarks of success in an evolving music marketplace. We know that music listening—for both for albums and songs—is skyrocketing, yet that trend has not been reflected in our album certifications. Modernizing our Album Award to include music streaming is the next logical step in the continued evolution of Gold & Platinum Awards, and doing so enables RIAA to fully reward the success of artists’ albums today."
While we understand the shift in the digital world and how important the internet is to this generation, it's pretty odd to count a stream (not a purchase) towards an actual album sale.
I think this will cause an uproar for many people who "really" sell their albums, what do you think?