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Ok Vingle family I need some suggestions!!!! So I'm stuck at home sick with pneumonia. I'm not allowed to help pack for our move next week so I've been catching up on some of my K-Dramas. I'm caught up on Cheese in the trap and Moorim School. I've watched Missing Korea. Can you guys polar give me dine suggestions!!! I'm starting to slowly lose my mind. Lol Thanks everyone! !
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@fallchild oh I really enjoy Taiwanese dramas as well. I haven't finished Oh My Ghostess yet. @kpopandkimchi I think you're trying to tell me something. lol
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@Chrissy2009 have you seen Fabulous Boys (the Taiwanese remake of You're Beautiful)? It might be my favorite Taiwanese drama now. Even if you've already seen You're Beautiful it is worth watching (if for no other reason tha Jiro Wang).
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Right now I'm obsessed with Signal and Marie Antoinette, Bromamce, and I Order You. Watch Oh My Venus is you haven't already.
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i fell inlove with playful kiss and boys over flowers and the flower boy next door is good too..if you like web dramas u could watch Astro ,Exo and got7s and infinite..dramas.... Exo..exo next door...got7...dream knight...Astro..i forgot..just google astro drama..and infinites is high school love on...
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