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Trending among brides for wedding dessert is the mini cake--individual cakes that are decked out like a large tiered wedding cake, only scaled for one person. The other tiered cake alternative, that hasn't lost steam, is the cupcake. My sister had cupcakes at her wedding--that was 16 years ago! So it's definitely not going anywhere.
So I ask you, my Vingle family and brides-to-be...which would you serve as the wedding dessert for your wedding?
Let's talk about it and I will share with you the one I would choose. See if you can guess!
I'm enamored with mini cakes. they're a lot more expensive than cupcakes, but so beautiful
As long as we get to eat them, we all win... right??? >.> lol <3
Mini cupcakes for the win! So cute and less hectic.
Of course the mini cakes, they're so delicious and one is enough to fill my stomach!
Hmm cupcakes could be a fun way to do a "bouquet" if someone had a floral theme or different jewel designed for vintage or glamour themes. I don't know.. I haven't really thought about doing smaller desserts. *ponders*
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