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This song is perfect ;-;
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I listen to Jango and they have many Korean stars... Only one commercial a day unless I skip many songs then i might get one an hour. Although they don't always have sound or stop the current music I am listening too. www.Jango.com
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Thanks guys ♥ and @chasinghapiness I'll check out the song! :D
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@KayyxChan I almost cried listening to Gonna Be Alright. It was from their 6th album - their last album at SM. Right after the album was released they announced their departure from SM and we all thought we were going to lose Shinhwa forever. But then they sang this song at the concert and reassured everyone. It was just beautiful.
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@themuse I can't use spotify in Korea so I'll probably check jango! thanks for the tip
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NP happiness :) let me know if it works for you.
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