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I'm sooooooo excited!! Okay, I have to give a bit of back story on this. But first a quick announcement. I was going to do the voltage thing, I'm still doing it, I've just been delayed. Okay, moving on! So do you all remember the big thing about joining the fan club on fancafe for VIXX? Well, this crazy girl actually pulled it off! I got an account, registered, bought the membership, and through much crying and frustration, succeeded not knowing a lick of Korean!!
So, I got it all purchased and then waited for my membership card. And November passed. Okay, no big deal, it's coming from Korea after all....December passes, I start to doubt a little but, well, I did have difficulties, maybe...
Aaaaaaaaand January comes and goes. And still nothing. By this point I thought it was either just lost in the mail or they decided that they weren't going to send it to some bloody American who lives in Missouri because, fan or not, that's ridiculous!
But then, finally, it arrived! I was so surprised, I freaked out my family when I realized what it was. Lol. I'm sooooooo happy!!!
And here it is!! My cloak!!
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congratulations by the way...
so awesome.!
I must say I am a bit jealous! but congragulations! I hope to join it next time they have the opening to join.
@DianaBell mine came on the third