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SnackFever is bae
So today I received a ramyun box from SnackFever and I'm really excited!
So at first glance I literally just want to shovel everything in the box in my mouth cause I've loved ramyun since I was a child and the thought of trying new and different ramyun has my taste buds hitting the whip harder than BamBam.
This is a list of the possible goodies you can get in the box. There are other things too not on the list like roasted seaweed and purple sweet potato rice crackers (sounds weird but my friend says it's the bomb)
In my box I received a kimchi king cup, jang ramyun, namja ramyun, kokomyun, rabokki noodle, illpoom jjajangmyun, gomtang cup noodle, seafood cup noodle, hwa cup noodle, jjajangmyun (King bowl), and King bowl jumbo noodle.
I'm super excited to try these out!! I only find a little nervous about the kimchi cause I've only ever heard of it and yea. But I'm glad I get to try something with its flavour now. ^~^
*sigh* Here are random pictures from my phone and I'll update later after I've tried everything.... Well actually I'll just make another card after I try everything. Tagging random peeps below @kpopandkimchi @sarahdarwish @AlyssaGelet818 @jojojordy2324 @xsandos17 @RochelleDiamond @staceyholley @MadAndrea @shisuschrist @sarangaeoltang (sorry if I tagged you and you didn't want to be tagged >~)
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Lucky!!! I want this box!
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Snack Fever is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I think it's $12 for the mini box and $20 for the big one and DOODS ITS SO WORTH IT! I get the big one and it's the happiest moment in life when I get home from work to a box of Korean snack heaven hahahaha 馃榿鉂わ笍馃榿鉂わ笍馃榿鉂わ笍
2 years agoReply
I just ordered this box yesterday so now I'll get two boxes this month
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If I could have afforded to get that box!!!!! 馃槶馃崪馃崶
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