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well thats a pretty powerful word
"2ne1 Badass"
lyrics so ooooohhh "My memories with you Consist only of memories waiting for you No matter how much I put up with it, and put up with it, it wouldn’t end I-I wanted to hear those words, “I love you” Your unconcerned love I grew tired of it"
"Damn 4minute" (2nd picture i thought her look liked gdragons)
Lyrics were tense "In the answer without an answer, we desperately write an answer Instead of being blinded by love, we wear colored lenses Rather than being this way It would have been better to just break up If I’m lonely when I’m with you I’d rather be lonely alone I don’t wanna know Your same excuses every day I don’t wanna do Endless fights every day It’s meaningless I’m sick of it"
Queens slay ✌ both equaly talented who slayed the feeling of hate?
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I'm a big fan of 2ne1 and I love there music, but I'm loving 4minute's 'Hate' right now, so I'm gonna have to say 4minute on this one.
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By the way, love that picture with both groups together.
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I'm going to pick 2ne1 but i love them both!
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I have to say 2NE1 but I really love both songs and groups so much !!!!!
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For me it's 2ne1! I love 4minute but it's 2ne1 for me. 😊
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