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Today's slang is another reaction sound!



It basically means OMG!

Use it when you're shocked, surprised, or amazed!

You saw Suga on the street? 어머!
You spilled your coffee on your desk? 어머!
Your homework suddenly isn't in your bag?! 어머!

Start at 0:38

오오 어머 마마!

(Oh oh! Eo-meo! Ma ma!)

Who else uses this on a daily basis? LOL!

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Me! I use it all the time, every day..always!!
I think I'll use it more from now on!!!😜
I use it to react dramatically to kdrama plot twists ^^
I use 어머 all the time! I heard this word in the Korean dramas and instantly liked it. Plus it's way shorter than oh my god, and I don't like using omg. So it is my substitute for the English slang. 🙃
I use it daily.