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Look @jessicaacosta90 it's Jackson. He is so very excited about all of this. I mean you're yelling about him all the time. Jackson even put you in an early grave.
He is smiling and making hearts for you. Why? Because he knows how much you love him. Look at him being adorkable just for you.
Jackson is working out all the time so he can be bigger and stronger just to protect you. Look at those arms.
What?! @jessicaacosta90 he thinks you're cute!! He said it himself. Did you read his lips?
Ummm is he putting a show on just for you? Oh I believe so. Look at that eye contact. He is trying to prove a point.
Then Jackson got some news about you...
He found out about your betrayal. And lost his ability to smile and laugh. Poor Jackson
He found himself deep in thought. He needed to figure out what to do. He is Wild and Sexy Jackson, this can't stop him.
First he tried eating his feelings away. But that can't work because he has an image to uphold.
Then he went a little crazy. Licking his own shirt made him seem crazy.
Finally he decided to be angry and arrogant about himself. He knows he's hot. He's been eating rice.
That's when he decided, it's okay, you can have that other guy. Nevermind.
It's okay he has Mark.
You're gonna miss him when he's gone... You know why I did this, I asked you nicely to back off lol I'm also tagging the rest of the family and her enablers. @ashleyemmert @PrettieeEmm @KhrystinaLee
@AraceliJimenez long story short a fangirl cheated on her #1 bias
@kpopandkimchi Only cause he broke mine first with Mark! We both said our sorry's and are back together again 👌😏
"He knows he's hot. He's been eating rice." hahaha absolutely loved that part
We are the crazies! xD
@ashleyemmert We're all mad here 😸
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