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VingleBells Christmas giveaway prize
Hello my Nakama! This came in last week and between moving and work i haven't had time to tell you about it. If you don't know about this I'll give you a quick recap, @VingleEnglish hosted a vingle Christmas giveaway contest back in december which I won and these are the prizes I got. A black buttler sticker pack, Dragonball Z Battle of the Gods, and otaku encyclopedia, along with a letter from @VingleEnglish. Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks @VingleEnglish for the prize.
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Awesome! Looks like some great goodies! Congrats again. 馃榾
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Yooo! Crongrats! That's great that your gift came in! (:
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awesome stuff. I love stickers personally.
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Congrats! It looks awesome~
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