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Hey I'm sorry this is late, but I've been sick. Thor had to take care of me lol.

This card is to share somethings I made Thor do while I was sick.

I made Thor read me a story..... Loki was here to make sure everything went smoothly lol....
I made Thor play doctor and give me medicines. This probably wasn't a great idea since he gave me too much. Probably for his own
I made Thor cook for me...
I made Thor make himself look silly so I wouldn't feel so bad for looking bad while I was sick....
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I hope you feel better @amobigbang! And Happy Thor's day!
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Feel better soon!! And umm....Thor got a bit sneaky with the meds, eh? 😂
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I hope you feel better soon @amobgibang hopefully Thor makes a good doctor... XD @MichelleHolly @MarvelTrashCan @Krystalstar22 maybe he can replace McSteamy on Gray's Anatomy ;)
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