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Chapter 3
Right when Kristie finished reading Key's message Y/N's phone goes off again and this time Tae is calling her. Kristie answers.
"Hello, Y/N! Hey it's me Tae, I hope you are doing okay. I've been trying to get a hold of you for awhile." Tae waited for a response.
"Hello, Tae is it. This isn't Y/N this is her cousin Kristie. Y/N isn't feeling well right now." Kristie said, looking over at you checking to see if you had woken up yet or not. "May I ask how you know Y/N, I know all her friends and she hasn't said anything about you."
Tae giggled nervously, and explained everything to Kristie. They talked for awhile and by the end of the conversation Kristie felt like she could trust him. After she got off the phone with Tae, Kristie tried to wake you up so you could at least shower and eat something. You woke up but advised her you didn't feel like eating yet. Kristie just nodded and suggested some water which you did take.
Tae's POV
After getting off the phone with Kristie, Tae let out a sigh. Tae had to think of a way to cheer you up, and how could he do this without knowing anything really about you. "I'll just wing it, I'll take her to my favorite amusement park." Tae and smiled. Tae gets up from his desk, takes a quick shower and gets dressed.
"Where are you going?" Jin asked as Tae was heading for the door to get his shoes on. Tae just looks at him.
"Oh, I'm going out with a friend today, they're feeling a little down so I thought I'd cheer them up." Tae gives his goofy wide smile and Jin nods his head.
"Have fun, I hope your friend feels better, I'm sure they will after being around you for awhile." Jin winks at Tae. Tae waves and walks out the door. Tae pulls out the paper with Y/N's address on it and looks it over. "It's not too far, I can ride my bike over. Tae looks at the sky, it's a beautiful bright sunny day with little clouds so there wasn't a chance for rain." Tae hops onto his bike places his helmet on and rides over to Y/N's house.
Knock Knock Knock, Jackson walks to the door. "Hello, who are you?" Jackson asks. Tae bows and smiles.
"I'm Tae, Y/N's friend, I just came by to check up on her." Kristie walks towards the door.
"Oh you must be Tae." Kristie asks, Tae nods his head and bows. "Come in please." Tae walks through the door and Jackson shuts it. They walk towards the living room.
"Oh Jackson, I just found out about Tae today." Kristie explains how Tae came into the picture. Jackson nods and looks Tae up and down.
"Okay, well Tae, Y/N is like my little sister so if you could help her I'll buy you a drink." Jackson says as he slams Tae's back.
"May I go see her?" Tae asks, Kristie and Jackson both nod, and show him to Y/N's room. After opening the door and walking in closing it quietly behind him. Tae see's Y/N on the bed. Tae hears a song playing and finish he's about to open his mouth when he hears "I love you" Y/N turns over about to push the button again when she sees Tae standing in her bedroom. Tae just waves and gives his goofy smile while clearing his throat.
"Hey, Y/N, surprised to see me?" you look at him, not sure if your dreaming or awake so you rub your eyes and refocus. When you realize he's not a dream.
"How did you know where I lived?" Tae walks over to you and sits in front of you.
"Your cousin Kristie, I called your phone because I hadn't heard from you and she answered. We talked for awhile and she told me what was going on. I'm sorry." Your eyes begin to water. Tae notices a tear running down your face and wipes it away with his finger. His hand was warm, it was then you realized you where cold.
"Hey Y/N, come with me." Tae grabs your hand and pulls you out of bed. Your walking with him like a zombie and into the bathroom you go. "You my friend need a shower, you stink. I'm not taking you out anywhere unless you smell like vanilla." Tae winks at you and smiles. You wonder if he ever stops smiling because at this point you hated smiles.
"I don't want to go anywhere though, I'll just take a shower and that is that." you tell Tae. Tae just shakes his head no.
"Nope, I have plans today and they include you so get a hot shower because I don't take smelly girls out for fun, I'll pick some clothes and you will come with me." Tae was trying to seduce you and be forceful at the same time. Sadly it didn't work, you gave a small shove with a small smile. Tae noticed it. "Ha, don't think I didn't see that small smile." Your eyes get wide, and you shake your head as you start pushing him out the bathroom door.
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*I don't take smelly girl out for fun!* That was too cute! LOL