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Chapter 4
"So, we are gonna have some fun today, okay." You just nod your head and try to smile but it doesn't come across. Tae places the extra helmet on your head and he notices your eyes are closed.
"This isn't going to be easy." Tae thought and let's out a sigh. After he gets on the bike and tells you to hop on holding onto your hand. "I hope you like amusement parks, there is one close by that I'm taking you too, cool?" You just nod your head. "Um, I'm gonna to take that silence as a yes." Tae giggles and you whisper in his ear, "yes." Tae smiles and grabs your hands wrapping them around his waste. "Hold onto me."
Tae takes off towards the amusement park, this is your first time on a bike so your nervous and hide your face into Tae's back. Squeezing tightly around his waste. "Hey Y/N this your first time on a bike?" You nod your head and Tae felt it. "Then pull your head up enjoy the ride I promise I won't let anything happen to you."
You felt comfort in his words and trusted him, that wasn't the problem it was the other drivers on the road. The love of your life died in a car accident your anxious.
You finally reach the amusement park and your glued to Tae. "Where here Y/N," Tae grabs at your hands and pry's them from his waste. You get off the back of the bike and run over to the bushes and throw up. "Hey, you okay?, I'm sorry if I scared you."
You stand up wiping your mouth, Tae hands you a Kleenex. "Thanks it wasn't you, it's just I was anxious because of the other drivers." Tae puts his hand on his neck rubbing it looking at you biting his lip. "I'm sorry, maybe we should have walked somewhere or I should have taken the car. I wasn't thinking about that I was too excited to take you to the amusement park. Forgive me." Tae does his cutest expressions and all you can do is smile and slap him on the shoulder.
" I feel safe with you and comfortable, I just haven't moved on from what happened to my boyfriend yet. I honestly don't know if I ever will he was my first love." Tae understands how you feel and he walks closer to you and gives you a tight hug. " I know Y/N, that's why I'm here, I'm your friend. I'll stay with you."After a few minutes you head off towards the amusement park and go on all the rides.
You had a fear of roller coasters and Tae loved them and some how he had managed to convince you to get on one. Which you quickly regretted after getting off because you couldn't walk straight and your legs felt like butter. You had to lean on Tae for a few minutes to regain your composure. You find a bench and table to sit at, Tae goes off to get you a drink.
You pull out your phone and open your text messages nothing from Kirstie. You see you had some deleted texts and you check those before clearing them out. The last one made you drop your phone after opening it and reading it. It was from Kibum.
Tae comes back and sees your expression. "Y/N, you okay?" Tae asks, you look at him and he sees the tears running down your face. Tae quickly moves to sit next you grabs you pulling your head into his chest and you just cry into him. You cry so hard and it felt like forever until you stopped. Tae just rubbed your back soothing you. He didn't know what happened he didn't want to he just didn't want you to cry anymore and was thinking of ways to get you to feel better.
After you stopped crying you pull out from Tae's embrace and thanked him for putting up with your emotional outbursts. Tae just smiles his goofy smile. "Hey Y/N, you want to fly?" You gave him this look of confusion. "Fly?" You ask tilting your head. Tae just points behind you and you turn around to see a tower where there where people flying. Your eyes grow wide and you shake your head as you turn back looking at Tae.
"Oh come on, it will be fun." Without waiting for you to object Tae grabs your hand and runs to get into line. It was a short wait before your turn and you where cursing Tae in your mind while giving him a worried look. Tae just keep repeating that it would be fine.
Finally it's your turn and your asked if you want to go solo or with a partner. You grab Tae's shirt and he smiles. "She'll go with me" Tae told the operator. After being hooked up to the equipment Tae grabs your hand and interlaces his fingers with yours holding your hand tightly to make sure you know your not alone.
"Are you ready? Listen Y/N this is for you, after you complete this it's time to move on. Keep your first love in your heart but I'm sure he would want you to move on and live. Your young, beautiful, and caring, someone you won't even expect will come into your life and you will see you can love again."
You look at Tae who is looking at you and he smiles and you nod your head giving him a smile. You understand what he's saying and he's right you need to live, so you consider this you coming out of your hole.
Then without warning, Tae and you are released and start flying.