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Sakura Haruno
Everyone calls her worthless, but is she? i don't think so, she has some pretty good fights, she may not be as strong as naruto but she can hold her own, so technically she ain't worthless, she is a support type, in know boring but they play a big part in fights when naruto got injured vs madara, and almost died she was there trying to keep him alive, so all i gotta say is thanks Sakura. what's your opinion? lets hear it. not my picture by the way but whoever made it, it's pretty good.
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Honestly, I hate Sakura. I'm not saying she's worthless or anything but ever since the first episode of Naruto I thought she was just flat out annoying. Another thing is that she gets with Sasuke in Boruto, which I don't think it's a good match, not because I'm a SasuNaru shipper but just because Sasuke tried killing her after the fight with Danzo ((( or was it after lol I don't remember ))) LIKE SERIOUSLY WOULD YOU MARRY SOMEONE WHO TRIED KILLING YOU EVEN IF SASUKE COMES BACK TO KONOHA I SADLY WOULDNT. So yeah I think Sakura's a little dimwitted and annoying. That's what I think.
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I like sakura, I don't see how she's the least bit worthless, she's done a lot, hell in the first couple of episodes of Shippuden she saved Kankoro from dying of poison, I think that's pretty cool. but I do have to agree with @sassysasuke she can be really annoying sometimes, especially in the beginning...
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I used to be a major Sakura fan until the moment she lied to Naruto about the way she felt to him. Sure I know she wanted him to stop chasing Sasuke, but to tell a guy who has liked you since day one that you liked him back and he should just forget about his friend made me really annoyed. I think she kicks ass in the fighting department. It's just her personality I don't like.
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@CameronMcGowan me too. she broke the hell out of his heart.
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@sassysasuke agreed, and she treated Naruto like sh*t at first.(then again so did nearly everyone else)
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