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Pop Sugar decided to tap into the Supernatural and dug up some of the King of Hell's quotes or I would rather call them short answers! I'm taking the quote Pop Sugar dragged up from Crowley's den and tell you when it's appropriate to use! This is going to be fun!
This would work if you are plotting revenge on someone who took the last cookie XD
Say this when your friend says something outrageous! Also works when you don't feel like doing something that someone asked you! You can insert an eye rolling stunt if you are bold.
Pretty much works when you are angry at someone who is acting stupid. Short and sweet!
Need to get out of a sticky situation? Turn on the puppy dog eyes that Sam has and insert the King's quote. Results will vary when using this one.. Just keep this quote in the back pocket!
I hope you guys enjoyed my usage of the King's quotes! Add some situations where the quotes can be used!
YES!! I use his words often... We have a snarky connection, Crowley and I. Lol. Wait. Is that bad?
I always do this tho I especially use morons
Yesss he's always the appropriate response
@butterflyblu lol nope! connecting with Crowley's snark is awesome!