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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 36/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
Jin covered his face with his shaking hands. He never wanted this to happen. He never wanted you anywhere near these people. You were supposed to be happy in your own little bubble far away from this sort of life. Jaehwa jipping out of his part of the rent money should have been your biggest concern. He had warned Jungkook. He told him to stay away from his sister.
And he didn’t listen.
“Taehyung…He raped her?” Jin clarified.
“She doesn’t know.” Yoongi rushed, “She was drugged, she didn’t wake up until a while after and I-I panicked. I didn’t want her to know he had done it, so I told her I did.”
Jin blinked, “Why did you lie to her?” Wasn’t that only going to make you hate him? He was as much as a victim that you were. Why not admit it was Tae and let him become the center of your hatred?
Yoongi angrily looked to Jin. He wasn’t seeing the overall picture. Yoongi wasn’t just thinking of what had immediately happened when he lied to you. He was thinking of everything that could come afterwards and he was thinking of you. Sometimes, he felt like he was the only one who actually thought of you. “He didn’t give her a pill after. He didn’t wear anything…She could’ve gotten pregnant and I didn’t want her to know it was his, so I lied. She..she tolerated me, I thought the thought of having my kid would be less painful than Taehyung’s.” He hissed, deadly stare focused on Jin. Did he get it now? Did he understand why Yoongi lied and took the blame for Taehyung’s actions?
“She’d cry whenever he’d call through the door, I couldn’t tell her that he had done it because I had refused to have sex with her first. Because I was fucking stupid.” He confessed, “I lied and tried to get her to have sex with me after, lying that it was Namjoon’s orders and that if she didn’t do it he’d drug her again. I was hoping she wouldn’t get pregnant at all, but if she by chance did, it would somehow be mine and not his. I thought they’d send a pill in a few hours so once would be enough..but they didn’t and I panicked. I told her we had to again.. I was so scared that it was going to be his and she was going to find out one day. I fucked up and let that happen to her, I couldn’t let him impregnate her too. They finally sent her a box four days later. She said there was a morning after pill inside.” He breathed in relief,
“I wasn’t allowed to watch her take it. He made her lock herself in the bathroom. After that one time, he didn’t really tell us to do it again. I hadn’t watched it happen, I covered my face and ears and she wasn’t awake..It..it wasn’t too hard to try to forget about it after couple days. Especially since Taehyung had never come into the room again after. Namjoon just sent those damn notes telling us to talk or kiss. I thought she’d hate me, but she was too scared of Namjoon to. So we just did whatever the notes said. That’s how I knew about the pictures.” He admitted, lifting up the stack and flipping through them quickly.
He’d occasionally pause on a photo and stare at it. “Her first trip to the ocean.” He mumbled tossing it aside,”Right after the picture was taken you splashed water on her and she cried.” He flipped through several more pictures,”Some vacation she went on during school break to the mountains.” Yoongi deadpanned,”She was partnered with someone who didn’t want to be with her and it ruined her whole trip, but told you she had the time of her life. She’s always wanted to go back there with you.” He laughed quietly, “She said she wanted to go there with me too. She thought I’d fit perfectly in the quiet of the mountains…sitting under a damn waterfall and meditating..” He endedly lightly, smiling briefly.
Yoongi shuffled through more photos, mumbling what they were until he finally stopped, ”Her first date.” He huffed,”That bastard tried to shove his tongue down her throat in the car and she spilled hot coffee on his lap.” He revealed,”But she never told you or your older brother because she didn’t want you two to prevent her from dating again. She was convinced the perfect guy for her was out there, she just had to find him.”
Jin felt out of place. Yoongi knew more about you than he did and he wasn’t sure how to feel about it. You were his sister. You said you trusted him and yet you were confiding all these personal feelings to Min Yoongi. Yoongi was only going to lock them away and use them when he found it necessary. It wasn’t like he actually cared. Yoongi delicately placed the remaining photos on the desk, shrugging weakly,
“I had a nightmare once from what he did and she had first pulled away from me, but eventually she was telling me she didn’t blame me. She knew I didn’t want it either. She told me I was raped too and that I shouldn’t feel like it was my fault.. If only that was the case.” He hissed.” But that’s when I stopped protecting her because she was your sister. I protected her because I wanted her safe. We got to know each other. I don’t know why, but that seemed like that’s what Namjoon wanted us to do. And I wasn’t going to disobey another order and let that happen to her again. Somedays we were ordered to talk and some we were ordered to kiss. “His brows furrowed,
“I don’t know exactly when, but at some point we..we kissed even though we weren’t told to. And when we were told to..it..we never said it, but we were trying to do more than that. Her hand was too heavy on my thigh or mine was too low on her back. It seemed like we’d both push at the same time, but we’d never tried to go further. We were just too hesitant to outwardly say it. I still don’t know if it was because we were trying to distract ourselves or because it felt right. We got notes with orders and those boxes I wasn’t allowed to see inside. That’s what it was like in that room.” He had gotten in thinking of the faster way to escape, but the repercussions of disobedience were too high. So he had gladly submitted and did whatever Namjoon wanted. Namjoon must’ve been so happy to see Yoongi so compliant. Yoongi angrily pulled at his bangs, “Namjoon put me in there to break her and I fucking broke myself.”
Jin kept to the one thing that didn’t waver. “You lied to her.”
“I protected her.” He argued. He protected you, comforted you. Yoongi cared.
“You had no position to protect her. You were just as vulnerable as her, you only lied to her to make it seem like you had some sort of control.” He retorted bitterly. “You lied to her. Did she even really trust you afterwards? How do you know she wasn’t afraid of you and trying to hide it? You know how she is, don’t you?”
“I had some sort of control! It was limited, but I had something! I could keep her safe in some aspects and I lied about others. That was the only way I knew how to protect her there. She..we were scared, I’ll admit that. If I was alone, I wouldn’t have cared, but she was there too. And I needed to keep her safe.” Yoongi ruffled his hair, unsure of how to proceed. Talking about this out loud was painful and Jin had no sympathy. He was just analyzing everything Yoongi had said, but only bashing that he had lied to you. As if telling you the truth upfront would have made things better.
“I just..she was the only one I could trust and I was the only one she could trust. It was fucked up, but it felt natural to some degree. We fit together perfectly in there.” He wiped at his chin with his knuckles, “..We fit together..So when Namjoon finally sent another note telling us to sleep together..it wasn’t so difficult. It was too easy. It was easy to pull her close to me and it was easy for her wrap her arms around me and tell me it was okay.” He closed his eyes,”It was easy for us to imagine that we weren’t trapped in some room and..and it didn’t feel like we were forced together because..” He shrugged simply,” Because we already fit.”
“Do you think she lied to protect you too then?” He retorted, “Why did you feel the need to protect her anyway? This isn’t the first time you’ve done it.” He had been so sure when he said you two fit together. And Jin had never heard Yoongi speak like that in reference to him and another person.
Yoongi felt that you and him fit perfectly together.
“She better not have.” Yoongi ground out, “She better not have put herself in danger to try to protect me again.”
Jin furrowed his brows. You had protected Yoongi before? It shouldn’t have been so surprising that you’d offer to protect him, but the thought of Yoongi allowing it was.
“She stayed behind with Jungkook so I could get away. After we got out of that room.” He whispered, “We fought about it, but she..she distracted him and I didn’t know what else to do, but go. He’d hurt her if she tried to come with me.” That was something else he needed to fix. It had been almost two days since you were with them and Yoongi was on edge. It felt wrong looking around the room and not seeing you tucked away in a corner humming or brushing your hair in the bathroom. He had almost called out for you several times too, quickly shutting his mouth and reminding himself that you weren’t there.
You two weren’t forced together anymore.
But he missed you, and he wondered if you missed him too.
Jin nodded slowly. He had been wondering why you weren’t with Yoongi and now he knew. You stayed behind to protect him. It wasn’t that surprising to Jin at all, you’d protect and trust anyone who showed you genuine kindness. That’s what your oldest brother had instilled in both you and Jin. The only difference is, Jin had thrown that ideal away the moment it had gotten his brother killed.
But you still lived by it.
And it was going to kill you. He shifted on the bed, thoughtful gaze lifting up to Yoongi. Jin understood your reasoning perfectly. Yoongi had protected you so you protected him. However, that didn’t explain why Yoongi had taken the initiative to protect you first. “You never answered me.” Jin pressed, hands absently smoothing down your comforter; it was damp he noted in disgust. “Why did you feel the need to protect her? She’s my sister; my responsibility. You thought I was dead. You didn’t owe me anything.”
“Your brother was my family and he died.” Yoongi mumbled, sitting up in his seat. He leaned back against the back of the chair, flinching at the coarse fabric rubbing against the scratches. “You’re my family and I thought you died.” He met Jin’s gaze, “I..I thought I killed you both. So I wasn’t going to let her be killed too.”
“She’s not your family.”Jin deadpanned, “Not like my brother and I. You crossed a line. You slept with her, Yoongi. She’s not your family like we are, you know that, right?”
“I know.”
“You hurt her and lied to her!”
He looked over at Jin suspiciously. What was Jin trying to imply? “I protected her-”
“You let Taehyung do that to her and then you slept with her like it was going to make his actions go away! Forget that shit about you two getting close, I’m talking about when you screwed up and let them hurt my little sister in the first place!” He yelled. Yoongi looked away in shame, hands wringing together. That was the plain truth. He couldn’t argue with that. He had gotten so close to you afterwards and as much as he wanted to completely block Taehyung out; he couldn’t. Yoongi had failed you initially.
“You’re right-”
“I know I’m fucking right.” He seethed, beginning to stand, “If she’s your fucking family, why did you leave her with Jungkook? He’s going to find out! She trusts him, Yoongi! I can see it right now, she’s not the same; she’s attached to you now. Since you apparently know more about my damn sister than I do, she trusts you. She’s going to be different around him and he’s going to push her until she caves. She’s going to tell him -and she thinks it was you- and he’s not going to listen to anything else she has to say.
Jungkook’s going to do one of two things..” Jin crossed the room, leaning heavily on the desk, “He’s going to kill her or he’s going to kill you.” He threatened, glaring down at Yoongi.
So Jin was mad that Yoongi had protected you when it seemed like he wanted Yoongi to do nothing, but on the other hand he was mad that he left you behind and had, in turn, not protected you? He wasn’t making any sense. Jin shifted towards him, looming threateningly above Yoongi’s hunched form. There was a tenseness to his shoulders that had Yoongi raising a brow. What was Jin trying to imply? It wasn’t until he had shoved at his shoulder to elicit a response that Yoongi moved.
“What the fuck is your angle, Jin!?” Yoongi snapped, standing up from his seat. Jin had been too close to him and at Yoongi’s sudden movement, his chest bumped into him and Jin stumbled back. Yoongi took a step forward, “You shoved Areum down my pants because you didn’t want me near your sister and now you’re pissed I left her alone?”
Hand shooting out, Yoongi shoved Jin over, “I trusted my entire organization with you and I haven’t said shit about how you fucked it up. At least I tried to protect her and you’re talking to me like I wanted this to happen? I didn’t ask for this, but I made the best of it and she fucking trusts me. There was a lot we were forced to do, but the things we did when it wasn’t ordered? I didn’t push that on her. It was her choice and my choice together. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been more of family to her than you.”
Jin started to sit up, spitting out over his shoulder, “You’re a piece of shit who only protected her because it would keep you alive longer! I don’t believe you give a damn about my sister! My sister! She isn’t anything to you! The fucking nonsense about you two fitting together? If I was there she wouldn’t bat an eyelash as she left you behind. I’m her family, not you! I trusted my family with you once and now he’s dead!” Jin spat lividly. Yoongi stepped forward again, heel stomping down on Jin’s injured foot,
“I think you’re forgetting who’s the goddamn boss here.”

okay need more. This mystery needs to be figured out!
I'm at a loss for words....
jin confused the hell out of me here 😐 like what could he have done bro at least he made her feel better. if she knew it was the other person (😉) then she would have been horrified (at least i think)