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Hey, @buddyesd! It's your birthday!!!!

Buddy aka Ashley Skywalker aka Mijo aka The Husband Of Ginger (Remember Ginger? I know @InPlainSight definitely does.) --
I'm not really one for making preferences, but I'll be real: you are by far one of my favorite people in all of the Vingleverse. Thank you for all of the laughs and the many months of friendship. The Funny Community just wouldn't be the same without you! We hope your day was extra special. Buy yourself a Carlos V bar this weekend. Pretend it's from us, okay? Okay.

Everyone, let's wish Buddy a happy birthday!!!!!

@AlloBaber no I'm not from Canada. I'm from a bilingual island in the Caribbean...English is my 3rd language ..Ho ! c'est bien, j'aimerais bien visiter France un jour 馃槚
@AlloBaber lol yes I do it's my first language 馃槉
@buddyesd oh btw I just realized I sing in the wrong language 馃槂
@buddyesd whoaaa it's like you're caught in a time loop
@ebethoven @merryjayne13 @istiyah @atmi thank you 馃榿馃榿馃榿im very happy that I'm now 21 for the tenth year in a row haha
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