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“Come here!”
“Because I said so!”
“Why are we screaming?!”
“I have no idea!”
“Pabo,” I chuckled. “What do you need?” I leaned against the kitchen counter directly in front of him.
“I want to go on a date.”
“Tae we haven’t been on a date in like six months.”
“All the more reason to go on one.”
“Are you sure? I don’t want you to have to deal with any drama if we’re spotted.”
“First of all, I think you’ve already introduced a very large amount of drama in my life. I don’t think one date is going to kill me. Second, It’s not like we’re secretly dating. People aren’t going to be surprised if they see us on a date. And third, I booked us a private room at a restaurant. No one will bother us there.”
“So this is a fancy date?”
“It’s a fancy date,” he said, shooting me a toothy smile. Excitement began to bubble up in the pit of my stomach. I hadn’t dressed up in months. My every day wear consisted of jeans, sweaters, leggings, and t-shirts. BTS hadn’t had a fancy event to attend since October, so there hadn’t been any occasions to dress up for in four months.
“When is it going to be?”
“Tomorrow night.”
“It has to be tomorrow.” A Sunday night? Not totally unusual, but Sundays were always our lazy days. We would lie in bed after he got home from practice, and watch movies or play games. “I’ll be back from practice at 4:00, and our reservation is at 7:30.” I nodded my head. “I love you Jagi.” He placed a light kiss on my forehead before standing up from the bed. “I have practice tonight, but you don’t need to wait up. I don’t know when I’ll be back, so go to sleep. Ok Jagi?”
“Be careful!”
“When am I never careful.” I snorted.
“That’s like asking me ‘when do I ever not worry about you’.”
“You always worry about me Jagi.”
“My point.” His bottom lip stuck out in a pout.
“Are you saying I’m never careful?”
“Interpret it how you please Tae.” I let out a yelp as he pounced on me, pinning my body to the bed.
“You wouldn’t be able to stand if I weren’t careful with you,” he growled, a slight smirk on his face.
“If you don’t leave for practice soon, I’ll have to make you prove it.” He let out a sound of disappointment.
“No fair Jagi. You can’t tease me like that when you know I have practice,” he whined, freeing my body from his restraint.
“TAE!” I laughed at the slight fear in his eyes when he heard his hyung’s voice.
“I think you should probably go," I snorted He was scurrying around the room, looking for his stuff. He shouted a quick ‘I love you’ as he dashed out of the room. I looked at the clock and sighed. It was only 4:30, and I had nothing to do. I began to daydream about my date with Tae. I never knew what to expect with him and his weird antics, and I loved it. He came up with something new and unique every time.
A dress! I needed a dress to wear. That’s what I can do today. I’ll go shopping. I wanted to wear something different. Something to really impress him.
I collapsed onto the couch, exhausted from the four hours I had just spent shopping. I hated shopping. More specific, I hated clothes. I’m pretty sure Tae has 100 times more interest in clothes than I do. Why can’t I just wear t-shirts and leggings every day? Then about once a month, maybe more if I’m feeling frisky, I’d dress up. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. However, this glorious fantasy is not possible because my boyfriend is a total fashionista. You know what is possible? Sleep. And that is what I’m going to do. I need to relieve this stress from shopping, and what better way to do it then to sleep.
“You coming Tae?”
“Oh, you guys go ahead without me.”
“Alright, but don’t stay out too late.” I nodded at Namjoon’s words, and watched them walk out of the practice room. 8:30. I had thirty minutes to get to the store before they closed. I hope Pais listened to me, and went to bed early. She’ll be suspicious if I don’t come home with the rest of the guys. I ran down the stairs, through the back exit of the building, and began the short trip to the store. I stopped in front of the small, brightly lit, shop, and looked into the windows. No one was in the store except for the clerk. I walked in, welcomed by the soft chime of the door bell, announcing that a guest had walked in. The clerk looked up, and gave me a smile when he recognized who I was.
“I’ve got it right here Tae. Personalized just how you wanted it.”
“Thank you, it’s perfect.” I paid the money, had it wrapped, and walked out of the store after thanking the clerk once more, and wishing him a good evening.
My mind was completely dazed the whole walk home. I was so nervous. I wanted her to like it, but what if she didn’t? Quietly opening the front door so as not to wake anyone, I crept through the living room.
“And where have you been?” I froze. Pais?
“I was just practicing a little more. There was a part of the choreography I couldn’t get during practice.”
“Kookie said he saw you come out of the back of the building not long after they left.”
“He was probably just seeing things.”
“Are you saying my boyfriend was wrong?” Her boyfriend?
“What do you mean your boyfriend? I’m your boyfriend.” My heart was pounding, waiting for her to respond. All she did was laugh.
“Last time I checked, I was dating Kookie. Not you.”
“How could you be dating Kookie?! Have you been cheating on me? And what about your sister?!” Anger was building up inside of me, and I clenched the small bag in my hand. What was going on?
“You Pabo! I’m not Pais! It’s Jaycee.” She flicked the table lamp on, and her figure became much more clear. All of the anger was quickly replaced with relief.
“Yah! You should have made that clear when we started talking.”
“Not my fault you can’t tell your girlfriend’s voice from her sister.” I grumbled in slight annoyance.
“I’m going to bed.”
“Wait! What’s in that bag? There’s no logo on it.”
“Like I’m going to tell you.”
“Is it Paisley’s Valentines day gift?” My cheeks began to heat up.
“Then what is it?”
“Just some personal products.”
“You’re not actually a girl, are you?”
“What? No!”
“Oh so not those kinds of personal products.”
“It’s not like I’ve never gotten those for Pais before.”
“Aww that’s cute, but what’s in the bag?”
“Go to bed Jaycee. You’ll find out eventually.”
“How soon is eventually.”
“If you don’t go to bed, then soon is never. Go cuddle with your Kookie.”
“Fine, but I’ve got my eye on you.”
“And vice versa.” She turned around and headed for the room she shared with the maknae. I let out the breath I had been holding, before turning around and heading for my room. It was quiet and the lights were off. I could here the light sound of steady breathing coming from the bed. She was asleep. I hid the bag, and changed out of my smelly rehearsal clothes, into a fresh pair of boxers. I gently sat down on the edge of the bed, trying not to disturb her. She looked like an angel, sleeping so peacefully without any worries or stress. I brushed a strand of hair off of her face before placing a light kiss on her forehead. “Goodnight Jagi. I love you. More than anything.” I pulled her into my arms after getting under the covers, and quickly drifted off, the nervousness for tomorrow gone from my mind.
“SIS GET UP.” I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion, my eyes still closed. Since when did Tae sound like a girl? And my sister at that. “I’m not Tae you pabo. Get up!” She could read my like a book, that girl. She ripped off the sheets, exposing my limbs to the cold reality outside of my warm bed. I groaned at the absence of warmth. "You don’t even have to get dressed. Just get up. I made breakfast.”
“You made breakfast?”
“Just because you can’t cook, doesn’t mean I can’t.”
“But you can’t”
“I’ve been practicing! Hurry up before it gets cold.” When I eventually got to the kitchen, I was met with a table full of food American breakfast foods that I hadn’t been able to enjoy since I came to South Korea.
“But how?”
“Mom sent a care package. Complete with macaroni and cheese, and Poptarts.”
“The brown sugar ones?”
“Of course!” I ran to the package and pulled out the blue box.
“We’ve just discovered gold Jayc.” The rest of the morning was spent putting away all of the goodies our mom had sent us and catching up on a few of our favorite dramas.
“You should start getting ready Sis.”
“Jayc it’s only 3:00.”
“So? You have a hair and makeup appointment at 4:00.”
“I don’t remember setting up an appointment.”
“You didn’t. I did. This is your first date in months. You have to look perfect.”
“If you say so,” I mumbled. I was just going to do my normal ‘going out’ makeup and curl my hair. Simple, and just how Tae liked it. But I did want to impress him tonight. He would fall in love with me all over again tonight.
“Pais! Are you ready?”
“Almost!” A spritz of perfume, retouch of lipstick, and a pair of heels later, I was standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom. My boss had helped me pick out the deep, emerald green dress. It “matched my eyes and hair, and Tae would love it since it was his favorite color” and just happened to cost me a hefty amount of my paycheck. But it was worth it. I felt stunning. My hair was done up in a messy french twist, curled tendrils framing my face. My makeup was simple, a soft smoky eye with a nude lip. A small pair of rose quartz studs embedded my ears. They were a gift from Tae on our anniversary. The stone of love he called it.
“Jagi! I want to see you!” I opened the door after one last glance in the mirror. I walked down the hallway, the click of my heels hitting the hard wood, resonating off the walls. I stopped before I got to the living room. Before anyone could see me. I took a deep breath, and stepped into the open space of the living room. The conversation stopped as all eyes settled on me. I began to fidget under all of the stares until Jin broke the silence.
“If only I had been the one to take her suitcase, I would be the lucky man who had the privilege of dating such a stunning woman.” I knew he was joking from the cheesy smile on his face, but I couldn’t help but be embarrassed.
“You really are something Pais,” Namjoon added.
“Who knew she had that kind of body under all of those baggy clothes she wears,” Jimin smirked.
“Well I’m sure Tae knew,” Hoseok teased.
“Yah! I’ll have you know that I don’t always wear baggy clothes!”
“Almost always.”
“Noona you look very pretty. Jaycee was nervous you would hate her surprise,” Jungkook smirked.
“I was not!”
“Were too.” The two continued to bicker as I heard Yoongi’s voice next to me.
“How did that thing end up with something like you?”
“I’d have to say it works vice versa too Yoongi. I always thought Tae was too good for me. And the fans...”
“Don’t worry Pais. He won’t leave you unless you tell him too. It would break probably more than just his heart if you did, but he wouldn’t force you to stay with him.”
“I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon Yoongi. Don’t worry.”
“Oh I wasn’t worried.” His voice trailed off as he walked away towards the couch.
My eyes scanned the room for the one man that mattered the most. And he was also the only one who hadn’t said anything to me since I walked into the room. Eyes landing on him, a small smile naturally curled on my lips. He looked absolutely stunning in his black suit. The little fashionista he was, every small detail was perfectly planned out to create a simple, but complete look. Our eyes locked and for once, I couldn’t read the expression on his face. Was it awe? Disgust? Fear? He began to walk towards me, closing the space between us, and took my hands in his.
“Is it bad? I can change if you don’t like it. It was a bit of a risk I know, but I-” He silenced my rambling with a slender finger.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so perfect in my entire life.” My heart was fluttering and my cheeks developed about five shades of red. “Now shall we go? I don’t want to miss our reservation.” I nodded, a smile permanently plastered on my face. This night couldn’t get any better.
The restaurant was gorgeous (and completely empty might I add), and the food was delicious. None of that fancy schmancy stuff that makes your heart hurt as you bite into a $60 piece of meat. A simple, Italian dinner. I had cooked Tae a small, and not as delicious, version of American Italian food, and he had instantly fallen in love. Leave it to him to find a secret restaurant in South Korea that has amazing Italian food. Goes beyond my ability, that’s for sure.
Savoring the creamy bite of cheesecake, I had just put in my mouth, Tae cleared his throat. I swallowed quickly, seeing the weird look in his eye.
“Everything alright Tae?”
“Alright? Oh Yes! Everything is amazing Jagi. I actually just need to use the restroom, and then we can go.”
“If you say so.” He rushed out of the room, leaving me alone to continue savoring my cake.
You’ve got to hang in there Tae. She loves you. You love her. She doesn’t seem too suspicious yet. I took a deep breath before leaving the restroom.
“Ready for what?”
“A surprise of course”
“Tae, everything is a surprise with you.”
“But you love it.” She smirked slightly, proving me right.
The slight cold air outside did nothing to cool down my body. I was hot with nerves and hormones. Pais looked breathtaking under the moonlight. It was perfect.
“Tae, where are we going?”
“A place.”
“Wait really?!” I shot her a pout at her sarcasm.
“Just be patient Jagi. We’re almost there.” I could tell she was confused. The only buildings in sight were houses and apartments. I stopped in front of the small marking I had made to remember the spot. “Here.”
“Tae these are just houses.”
“Maybe this will turn on a lightbulb in your head.” She gave me a puzzled look. In less than a second, the landscape was glowing. Her head snapped towards the lights, and the puzzled look was replaced with utter amazement.
“This is...”
“Our first date. Yup.” The pathway looked as stunning as it did when were first here, except for the white rose petals that littered the ground. They added a whole new level of beauty to the path. I took her hand and led her down the familiar walkway. “Wait here Jagi.” I made my way down the hill to the center of the tilted trees. A small, white gazeebo was placed in the middle. The entire area was littered with the same white rose petals, and lit by hundreds of small lights and candles. I was proud of my work.
I had no idea what was going on, but I was awestruck. Everything was even more beautiful than I remembered from our first time here. I watched him disappear into the small white gazeebo. What was he doing? Maybe he had forgotten to do something. That sounds like something he would do.
I took a deep breath. This was it. I had to do it now. The time was right. Paisley looked perfect. I pulled the white, velvet box out of my pocket. I took one glance at the ring, and was suddenly filled with courage. I could do it.
“JAGI!” Fear coursed through my body as he yelled for me. I made my way down the hill as quickly as I could in heels and a dress.
“Tae?!” My heart stopped. I had dashed up the gazeebo stairs, only to come face to face with the man I loved on one knee.
“Paisley, I love you so much, to the moon and back a million times. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I don’t care what the fans say. I don’t care what the gossip says. I don’t care. I need you. I want you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I couldn’t move. Tears began to brim my eyes at his words. I could see panic start to set in his eyes as he waited for my response.
“Yes Taehyung. Forever and always, yes.” He stood up and pulled me into his arms.
“I was so scared you were going to say no,” he muttered.
“Pay back for scaring me when you yelled.” He chuckled before opening the small ring box. The ring was so simple and elegant. “What stone is that?”
“A moonstone. So you’ll always think of your little alien when you look at it.”
“I love you Tae.”
“I love you too Jagi. Happy Valentines day.”
"It's Valentines day?!"
"Did you forget Jagi?"
"So that's why the date had to be tonight."
"I wanted to propose to you on Valentine's day."
The night ended with a passionate kiss that had never felt so intimate, so filled with love. My life was complete. Everything we had been through. The fights, the miscarriage, the fans, the media. We had gotten through it all and came out stronger than we were before. I was with the man I loved. That’s all I could ever ask for.
Everyone was admiring the ring on my finger as I recapped the story of how he had proposed. I had told the story so many times, I was like a broken record. I was interrupted as my phone began to play the personalized ringtone for the said man who had proposed.
“Jagi...” I knew that voice.
“What’s going on?”
“My parents called.”
“That’s great! You haven’t seen them in a while have you?”
“No I haven’t...”
“Then you should go visit them really soon. But why do you still sound like you just saw someone kill a baby turtle.”
“Aish. Way to be morbid Jagi.”
“Sorry, sorry. Don’t change the subject.”
“They called to tell me that I have to go home right now.”
“I understand they want to see you, but can’t you wait to visit them until the weekend?”
“No Jagi. You don’t understand.”
“Then please explain Tae. You’re scaring me a little.”
“They want me to leave.”
“Leave what?”
“Everything. BTS. Seoul. You.” My mouth had begun to dry up, and my heart was pounding in my chest.
“What do you mean leave.”
“They’re sick of all of the gossip, and the busy schedule. They want me to return home and live with them again.” I had run into the nearest private bathroom, and locked the door.
“You can’t leave Tae.”
“They’ll disown me if I don’t go.”
“That’s not fair!” My voice was cracking as the tears threatened to fall.
“Jagi please don’t cry. I’m not leaving I promise. I’m just going to spend a few days with them, and try and talk some sense into them. I will never leave you Jagi.”
“OK... Please be careful on your trip there.”
“I will be. And I will be back sooner than you know it.”
“I know you will. I love you.”
“I love you too Jagi. See you soon.”
All I could do was sit on the toilet and let the tears fall. This wasn’t fair. We were finally happy. Everything was perfect. Now he’s leaving. He’s leaving Seoul. BTS. Me, his fiancé. We could never catch a break. I looked down at the ring on my finger. The moonstone reflected the colors of the rainbow, and instantly relieved the stress and the fear. Everything would be ok. My little alien will come back, and we will live happily ever after. Right?
Can we take a moment to appreciate this 3,524 word chapter? Probably the longest chapter I've ever written. Oh and the twist. I think you know what my decision was on that. The happy feeling I get when I see that a new reader has hopped onto the Why Me train just makes my day.
And to announce the winner of the next story, *drum roll* JUNGKOOK!!! with a total of 10 votes. And close runner-up who will get a one-shot is Markson! with a total of 8 votes. Now that I've completely broken your hearts with this chapter, here's a sneak preview of my new story!
The line continued to slowly move, and I felt the excitement build up inside of me. I was going to meet BTS! And most importantly, my bias, Kookie. I could see the white table. I craned my neck to get a glimpse of the boys, but my eyes narrowed. Kookie. He looked like he would rather be in hell than sitting at the table. He greeted the fans with a look full of annoyance, and gave them the most pathetic high five I had ever seen.
I walked up to the table, directly in front of him, but I didn’t pay him any attention.
“Aren’t you going to give me a high five? You paid like 200 dollars to meet us.”
“Why would I high five someone who looks like he could care less about his fans. I paid 200 dollars to meet BTS. Whether you’re a part of that or not is up to you.” I left the stunned idol, and moved on to Jin, who was smiling brightly at the girl ahead of me. Jungkook may be a famous idol, but that doesn’t mean I have to treat him any differently. I heard a chair screech behind me before a hand clasped tightly on my wrist, and yanked me forward. Jin had jumped from his chair, and had tried to calm the maknae, but Jungkook paid no piece of mind. The look of pure rage in his eyes caught me off guard, but I couldn’t let my guard down.
“Take back what you said.”
“Apologize to all of the fans who paid for your awful behavior.”
“I don’t have anything to apologize for.”
“Then I have nothing to take back.”
“Take her backstage!” He released my wrist, and clicked his tongue while walking back to his seat. A hand gripped my shoulder, pushing me away from the table, and the crowd of curious fans. I deserved a refund.
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