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It's already February 2016 and I forgot to write about this last month so I'm doing it now. Mini series- Splash Splash Love- This drama is 2 episodes, about a girl who goes back in Joseon Era and meets a young King. He discovers that it's his new friend and tries new things that he's never done before. The girl affected the village and the people in it. Overall, the plot got me hooked and it was addicting. I was sad it ended so quickly. And the cast was great. Beast Doojoon played the King and Kim Seulgi player the girl. It had a really great plot and was only 2 episodes, but it impacted me as a viewer. This mini series drama was amazing!!!! Doojoon's and Seulgi chemistry was one of a kind. I felt in love with the two. And also the supporting characters were amazing. This drama knew how to mess with my feelings because it will make cry then laugh then next thing you know, I'm all in love with the two. 😂😂 You guys should check it out! You'll never regret it!
@kpopandkimchi now you know and you'll surely love it. I was fangirling from the beginning till the ending. Haha
Ahh! I just heard abotu it cause I found a random hilarious gif and couldnt figure out where it was from. I really didnt hear anything about this drama when it came out but now im really interested!