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So I have a crush on a guy in my math class he is the smart ass of the class and I think he has no clue I exist he is cute to me so when I'm walking in the hallway we make sudden eye contact without realizing it and in class we make eye contact and sometimes he stares at me I'm in America and he is an Asian I think I'm an Arab and I wear a hijab ( scarf on my head) my friends want me to talk to him but I'm too shy to and they say he might like you but I think he sees me as an alien cuz why would he like me if there is a lot of beautiful nun hijabie girls in school Can someone give me an advice please.
wearing a hijab doesn't make you less beautiful than someone who doesn't wear a hijab. Ask him for help on a math question. that seems like an easy way to talk to him!
@amooon13eg Let me know if you want to know anything else and I'll try my best to help. You made me want to get like, really involved in this now. I wish you good luck!
You should talk to him and try to be friends. Take it slow, though. Don't overdo it. Don't worry you got this.馃槉馃憤 If you need anymore help just ask. I'd be so happy to help. I think you can do it, Good Luck! 馃榿
all beautiful and cute ...
I could only talk to my husband via Facebook at first. If you're afraid, try to friend him first to break the ice. It might ve easier with a computer screen to hide behind
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