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I can't wait to get this!!!!! To see the ♡Perfect Five♡ The look God Damn Sexy on this cover!!!!!
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Omg I can't wait!!!!😆😆😆
That's weird cuz u can already pre-order.
Yeah, I've seen it on sites available for pre-order already. Unless this is one available for other regions (Europe, North/South America, etc) because all the ones I've seen have been regioned for Korea and Asia so the DVD won't work on other DVD players.
@satinskies Just found out it's for the Korea version - There's even another limited w a printed autographed poster in 2. I guess I'm getting both versions. Korean dvds are US friendly.
@KDSnKJH Yess! Thank you!! This is the first one I've seen that will be US regioned! Reserving when I get home!!