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Finally, a female cast is confirmed for 'No Breathing', and it's no other than SNSD's Yuri. 'No Breathing' is Korea's first movie about swimming. It tells the story about competition, friendship and love around one of the nation's most loved sports. Yuri will be playing the lead role. Yuri is long known in her group as a skilled swimmer and is said to swim beautifully. So I think this role suits her a lot. Her acting in Fashion King last year received quite many praises too. There are some concerns on Korean media that the cast seems to be inexperienced (including SIG and LJS) but since this is a movie about youth, I'm sure they will do just fine. Don't you think so? And ok let me go cry in the corner because swimming movie = NAKED SEO IN GUK AND LEE JONG SUK. FOR 2 HOURS. No wonder it's called 'No Breathing' because I most definitely will forget how to breath and just stare at them. Yea yea.
I have no idea. No idea girl. I can't even think about it. /nosebleed
@winterlovesong I really wonder how you will survive this movie sis. But isn't JS a bit too skinny?