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The blurb - Young and beautiful, Y/N, lands a job working as the main company translator and English instructor for YG Entertainment. Little did she know that by meeting her idols and having their fateful paths crossing, she would set into motion a wave of events that would change the group members, the company, and even South Korea itself.
Preface - Welcome to South Korea! The letters stood out in bright bold letters just as you exited the gate of your flight. The airport wasn't as crowded as you anticipated, but then again, it was only two in the afternoon in Seoul. You dragged your suitcase behind you while you searched the crowd for the chauffeur that was suppose to take you to your new apartment. The closer you reached the main exit of Seoul's international airport, a tall man with soft features and holding a small sign, caught your eye. It was your chauffeur. “Annyeonghaseyo,” you spoke softly and bowed. Your chauffeur mirrored your actions and welcomed you to Korea. He took your luggage and lead the way to the car outside the airport. The air in Seoul was crisp and compelling. With no clouds in the sky, the sun shined brightly overhead. This was your new beginning. After graduating from college, you applied for jobs all over the world in order to get out and explore. Of course, the most applications you happened to fill out were in Japan and Korea, because that was your goal from the very beginning of life. Anime, culture, language, and everything else from these countries made you want to move to either or as soon as it were possible. It seemed as if it had just been yesterday when you received a call from one of the applications you filled out. The representative was very friendly and eager for you to join the team, to the point where the company had already located a nice studio apartment in downtown Seoul. You would be doing a lot of translating and attend business meetings with the other board members. It sounded like a lot to do until you asked which company was calling you back. “Oh, I thought you knew,” the representative sounded surprised over the phone. “You will be working with and for YG Entertainment.” The moment the representative mentioned the company, your jaw dropped. The company that produced the very bands you admired and inspired you to continue chasing your dream of living in Korea, was interested in hiring you. There was no hesitation in your acceptance; everything was arranged for you to transition into your new position and your new home very smoothly. “Miss,” the chauffeur interrupted your flashback and brought you back to reality. “We are here.” He unloaded your luggage and carried them up the stairs. You thanked him for his kindness and he welcomed you to Korea once again before leaving. You entered the apartment with butterflies in your stomach. It was a very spacious studio apartment, fully furnished. White walls, chrome appliances, granite counter tops, bamboo hardwood flooring and a large flat screen television. It was bright with natural lighting, beauty in the works. “Damn, way to treat a foreigner like a princess,” you smile with a light shake of the head and push your glasses into place when you close the door behind you. Immediately, you begin to unpack and decorate to create a home-like atmosphere to your taste. With a collage of friends and adventures on your bedroom wall, and posters of landscape and modern art hanging in the living room and kitchen, you lay on your new couch after connecting all of your gaming consoles to the large television. Your phone rings from across the room, scrambling to get up to answer it, you trip over your feet as soon as you grab it and answer with a thud to the floor, causing your glasses to slip off. “Hello?” you whispered while you roll to your side, mentally kicking yourself for being so clumsy. It was the representative that first called you a couple of weeks back, informing you to come to the main office as a request from the Executive Director himself. You agree to be there as soon as possible. After hanging up, you fix your glasses into place then jump up and slide into the restroom to freshen up then run to your room and change. Within minutes, you grab the keys to the apartment and your phone and step out into the chilly early evening air. It takes you fifteen minutes to reach the building with the map in one hand and incredible navigational skills. Your black ballet shoes muted your steps against the marble flooring, making the receptionist jump when you approached her. “Hello, I have an appointed with Yang Hung-suk. I'm the one hired from America,” you smile shyly and bow. The receptionist smiled back and picked up the phone. You took the opportunity to look around the main entrance and admire the architectural work. “Miss?” you hear behind you. You turn and bow to greet the gentleman in a suit that spoke to you. “Follow me and I'll take you to the executive director.” You obediently followed the man into the small elevator to the top floor then weaved through a few hallways. As you passed multiple people, you could feel their eyes glued to you. In a way, it was uncomfortable but you shrugged it off and carried on with trying to mentally prepare yourself for meeting the individual that brought you the music that motivated you so much. The man knocked on the Yang Hung-suk's door, then turned to you and asked you to wait for a moment while he went inside and made sure the the director wasn't in the middle of something. As the man opened the door, you looked down and stared at your black ballet flats instead of looking around awkwardly. Your loose hair slipped from behind your ear but when you started to look up to fix it, another hand touched your hair first and tucked it behind your ear for you. Your body paralyzed, leaving you with the only ability of staring into the dark brown eyes of a man. The proximity of face allowed his breath to fog your glasses, blinding you from seeing the rest of his face or what he wore. His eyes stayed locked with yours, causing your heart to accelerate partly out of fright, and partly out of desire. “Sorry, I couldn't resist.” the man spoke to you softly then retreated his hand and walked away. For the longest moment, you stood there like an idiot, but when your senses finally returned, you looked down the hallway to catch a glimpse of the mysterious man but came up empty handed. He had disappeared as fast as he had appeared. “Miss?” another voice grabbed your attention. The man that had guided you through the building was calling you inside. You composed yourself once again and walked in, bowing to the legendary Yang Hung-suk then shaking his hand. “Congratulations on getting the job, and welcome to Korea!” he smiled. “Thank you sir, please take care of me while I'm here,” you bowed once again. “I'm sure you're already unpacked and enjoying your apartment?” “Yes, thank you for everything you and the company have done thus far, sir. I'll work hard and exceed your expectations with my work.” The executive director signaled you to sit down and poured you tea. “I took a look at your resume again this morning and quite frankly, I was very impressed so I know you won't let me down. Tomorrow we will be having a meeting with everyone in the conference room and I would like you to be there to observe then we will discuss your duties. For now, you will be shown your office. Welcome to the YG family, Y/N.” You bowed again then bid farewell so the gentleman that was leading you around could now give you a tour of the building and show you where you would be working. Surprisingly, your office was right next to the elevator on the top floor and had a nice view of the city. The gentleman bowed then left you alone so you took the opportunity to move some furniture around and set up your desktop accordingly. After a while, you left the YG building and headed home, only stopping by a local floral shop to buy some flowers to brighten the mood of your new home.
Yay! :D Hope y'all enjoyed the teaser because it was a joy to write it! :D I shall be releasing the first part by next week so please stay tuned! Your love and comments keep me motivated! <3 2 things to keep in mind- 1. This is a pretty long novel (and I haven't finished it yet.....), so I will do my best to keep everything organized and labeled correctly. Poke into my profile if you ever miss an episode and I have all of my fanfics in one card. :) 2. This story DOES NOT correlate with any of the mini novelas that I previously did. This is a fresh story, right out of the oven of my brain. :3 Edit >>> Here's the continuation of this series ---> Chapter 1
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Beautiful!! Can't wait to figure out who is that mysterious guy!! I bet he's handsome ;D
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