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well, my name is cody, (got this idea from someone else). I'm New to vingle and hopefully make some good friends to talk about anime with :). i originally downloaded this to learn some Japanese with anime cards but then saw it was also forums and pages about anime, so was a tad excited to see that :).I started watching anime in the 90's, probably when I was 5 or 6,but didn't get hooked in and truely understood what it was till mid to late 2000's when dbz and inuyasha was airing on cartoon network/toonami. so my list of animes I have watched completely is only probably about 70 :/, but I think I'll end this intro here so I don't bore you all. but @qveenknip here's my photos, told you I had a duck face!! :P but if anyone has suggestions for anime I would be very thankful. might have to write my list so it's a little easier (kind of refuse to watch one piece due to the fact it's pretty much never ending it seems for now, I dont mind anime's with multiple seasons/tons of episodes though!)
Hahahaha :p ♡
@PokemonMasta @poojas @HiwaRasul @Hatrosca @InVinsybll thank you all, :) @Alcides13 yeah, I can tell lol. aside from the occasional trolls it's pretty much perfect :p @qveenknip hehe 💟 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ afffectionate ducky!lol. random but I think it'd be interesting to see a dance in the duck costume to can't touch this xD.
welcome to the community! there's a lot of dope stuff that goes on
thanks :p @Alcides13
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