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I always said "I hate romance anime" (the same thing I've said about romcoms, which I actually love many times). Truth is, I'm a sucker for romance stories. My favorite kinds of romance stories are those where the romance runs deep, and runs alongside another plot (like an action, fantasy, or mystery one). I don't usually enjoy romance for romance's sake, you know? But of course, there are exceptions!

My favorite romance anime has to be Nagi no Asukara. LOL!!

But I've written
cards about this anime, but I'm going to write something different this time!

So, one of my next favorite romance anime is gonna have to be Toradora!!!

I think that while this story is faced with a few major cliches, those cliches are the ones that we truly face in real life. You do sometimes fall for you friend, or the person you really thought you wouldn't. You cry, even if you seem strong. You do come together & grow closer due to circumstances. And you do end up hurting your friends & others just by wanting to follow your heart. Toradora is really touching, and if you haven't watched it yet, I really recommend you do!!

Oh, and don't hate on Taiga too much - she might seem like a little demon, but you'll (probably) come around :P

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@hikaymm Ahhh I gotta see Nagi no Asukara! From this card and your other card it looks really good! (X imma check it out! And Toradora is so cute!!!!
i love toradora!! taiga is my favourite :3
Toradora was pretty good but honestly I wanted him to end up with Ami lol
I was about to say 馃槀 i love romance anime!
I absolutely think Taiga and Ryuuji were Toradorable @hikaymm one of the cutest ships ever
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