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so we all know Teen Top loves to do body rolls and pelvic thrusts so here is some Teen Top sexiness for you!!! also I recommend to read this card with a tall glass a water to help your imminent thirst ♡♡♡♡
O_O omo

O_O Eeek!!

lol always dragging Ljoe. I'm sure our chicken did fine ;)

^^^ some sexy songs for you. video 1. "first kiss" I'm not convinced their talking about first kisses here...idk what do you think? All I know is Niel's moans/singing/falsetto and Ljoe's rap/earing are doing something to me. video 2. "sister" the song it's self isn't that sexy but the dancing is...whoa. especially at 2:25 and the move at 2:38 made me pregnant I'm pretty sure. so that's chill.

BONUS: our maknae looking fly AF

ok I hope you enjoyed angels!!! xoxo if you want to tagged in future TT cards let me know ;)
@KAddict @ElleHolley it's funny cause Niel is so awkward about being sexy off stage bit as soon at he is on stage he's like "jk, call me daddy!" chunji is likes doing sexy I think bc when ever someone asks he like gives weak no! and then does it haha
Niel and Chunji doing the most.
Niel and Chunji need to cool themselves. They are reaching dangerous territory!
Whoa whoa, shouldn't have watched this so early in the morning...hot damn I knew Neil was hot, but I think he's even hotter with these songs wow that voice my god
this card should be illegal for been too sexy.
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