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Winner finally made a comeback this week after a long hiatus. As a totally normal fan (trying not to get ruined in the middle of the week), I decided to ditch the music video and listened to the tracks without the visuals.
The live performance show finally came out yesterday and I was inspired by their funky concept.
So, this Friday's playlist theme: Funky & Fun.

Winner - Sentimental (센치해)

This is the type of song you'll listen to after a long day at school or work. What I enjoy about this performance is their playful choreography. It tells a story, looks fun and matches very well with the tempo/lyric of the song. My only dislike is Mino's wig.

Winner - Immature (철없어)

Here's another performance from Winner on the same day. They totally ditch the funky vibe and dive into 'Rock & Roll' mode. The song is fun but this live performance gets your blood rushing. Just listen to the fan chants!

G.O.D. - Sky Blue Promise (하늘색 약속)

This song was released in 2014 after G.O.D. reunited after a decade. Sky Blue Promise is made for the fans who waited for their return/reunification. In contrast to their original fandom song "Sky Blue," this version is more bubbly and upbeat to express their excitement of coming back together again.

Incredible, Tablo, Jinusean - Oppa's Car (오빠차)

Remember "Show Me the Money" Season 4? He's the runner up! Even though he didn't win the song was one of the best from the show. Once you're tuned in, you can't stop singing the chorus.

MC MONG - Love mash(사랑 범벅) (Feat. Chancellor)

Mc Mong has long been known for his funky music videos and playful music. For this track, he paired up with vocalist Chancellor to create a catchy love song. It's not the typical mainstream Kpop song you hear from candy pop groups. From beat, to lyrics, to video concept it has a personality.

TURBO (터보) - AGAIN(다시) feat. Yoo Jae Suk (유재석)

The most unexpected comeback last year (especially at the end of the year) was Turbo. I didn't expect Kim Jong Kook reviving Turbo by merging the 1st & 2nd generation rappers into a trio. I'm glad they kept the 90's funk! It was refreshing to see some special appearances showing up at the end of the music video. ;)

GOT7 - A

You can't party without GOT7. This song fits the theme perfectly with their colorful music video, silly scenes and fun dance!

That's it guys! Happy weekend!