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Is it really true that singles are hardest to love. Actually being single was not their choice but they are left single they do crave for relationships just like anyone else but they don't get the right partner. The most interesting facts about singles are they can find it easily to relate to many and can be a source of happiness for many, but when it comes to their life they are highly independent and don't appreciate others involvement much. They are so much used to living alone that they just can't stand anyone crossing limits, on the other hand singles are the ones who can make someone really happy despite being in despair.
I definitely disagree with this quote. Just because you've been single for a while doesn't make you any harder to love!! People are single for so many reasons, not just because they are stuck that way but maybe because they chose it! I wouldn't worry if you've been single :) love will find you when you least expect it :)
Yes people have been single and it is their choice what is that which make them remain single ? anybody can't be single and committed forever it is their choice but we have to think what made them make that choice a distressed relationship maybe in any case no body would worry to remain single including me the post is about what made singles to remain single. In a relationship all or nothing is never is never possible, people who are matured in enough in handling relationships would certainly have an idea on this.
Idk if love will come to you, when you least expect it but I do however feel it's unrealistic & unfair to stereotype single people into one group or another. As AlloBaber pointed out people are indeed single for many reasons.