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Alright....well. Here we go. Today's challenge for the Ships & Feels challenge run by @tbell2 is to share which anime made me cry the most. And there have been many, manyyyyy anime to make me cry (I cry a lot, lol), so this was kind of hard to choose.
But here goes!

Plastic Memories.That's it.

That's the one that made me sob the most.

I knew from the beginning...

I teared up when I first met Isla. Why, I don't know....maybe my mind sensed that this would hurt.

And perhaps that's why...

I feel like I cried nearly episode. I immediately knew that the reason she was so sad must have had partially due with her time coming up, and I just couldn't stop watching even though I knewwwwww how much it was going to break me.

And yes, it did break me.

I have already sobbed about it over here if you want to sob some more. For now, I am done, because this hurts just writing about it!!
@hikaymm oh my goodness yesss! Its a struggle hahah but I cant stop watching it haha
Dude I totes forgot about this one, it's really sad it made my eyes sting once.
Oh god i loved this show so much. so sad