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@JamiMilsap created this challenge and it seemed fun so yeah I'm going to try it may not be very good...
1. it's going to be a Supernatural Crime Drama 2.My Character is going to be a shy but strong character - looks can be deceiving type
3. My lead man Lee Jong-Suk
4. Lead Lady Park Shin Hye
5. Second Male Lead Ado (from A6P)
6. Best Friend Youngjae ***caution the next part is very long ***
7. Plot: When a series of mangled bodies are found in a nearby park, people start to panic that a serial killer is on the loose. Detective Lee (Lee Jong-Suk) is called in to investigate with his partner Park Shin Hye they find no evidence that can lead to a suspect. The investigation is going on three weeks and still no leads. The case is eventually dropped, leaving Jong-Suk uneasy. After restless weeks of trying to find a clue that would point to a suspect, Detective Lee is on his way home when a truck rams (the Kdrama truck of doom) into the side of him. He is hospitalized and is in a coma. 4 months later he wakes up. He still had his memory (I don't want to be cliché) but his eyesight is heightened. He can see every little detail at everything he looks at. He is released from the hospital a few days later.
Meanwhile, another body is found. Park Shin Hye had to take charge while her partner was in the hospital, so she hired Youngjae to help her with the investigation. They were coming up short and running out of options to try to catch the killer. Detective Lee was able to go back to work. With his new sight, he scanned the crime scene and was able to find something. A small piece of fabric that had a tiny steel needle in it. They were able to carry on with the investigation and managed (with Jong-Suk help) to find more evidence. They were starting to narrow down their suspect list when a strange name popped up. Ado. They went to interrogate the mysterious man at his house but he would not show his face. When asked to take off the mask he refused saying he couldn't. Youngjae went to reach for the mask to pull it off but Ado caught his wrist and threw it aside then got up and told them they needed to leave. Lee Jong-Suk stole a glance around the room before they walked out. When they got back to the station he told Shin Hye and Youngjae that he found a clue that points to Ado being the killer, but he needs to come up with a plan to prove it. They come up with a plan (this is where I come in). They know the killer has a pattern and if he sticks with it they will be able to capture him. They use me as bait. I'll be hooked up to secret audio and video so they can make sure I'm okay. I'll go to his house and try to find the evidence and get in and out before he notices what I'm there for. Will the plan work or will it fail? Is Ado really the killer? I'll let you decide how it ends :)
sorry it was so long and confusing. I have a hard time writing down my thoughts because they are all jumbled around so I tend to write that way to. I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think in the comments. would you watch it? have you seen something like it?
***update*** I forgot the title the title is called

Chasing Time

Hell yeah I would so watch this @destiny1419
omg sign me up! i love that it was allllmost cliche but you kept his memory hahah I WOULD SO WATCH!
Absolutely I'd watch it!! You are too humble, you told a great story! It sounds really entertaining, and I love that Park Shin Hye's character sounds so different from her usual roles! Also I was so glad to see that you put yourself in the story!! ★★★★★
@kpopandkimchi yeah I didn't want to go too cliché for this one I had two ideas but I put the less complicated one here... the other one would have been about two serial killers trying to get each other caught by sabotaging each other it would have been a çomedy/crime drama