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I feel like I haven't talked about Ouran in ages, but for the sake of today's challenge in the Ships & Feels challenge run by @tbell2, it seems appropriate.

Because the character I'd give sweets to for Valentine's Day is Honey Senpai!!

Not because I'm in love with Honey or anything, I'm just a total people pleaser and want to give sweets to someone who is really going to enjoy it!!!

Plus, Honey is really, really cute~

And you know he'll eat it all!

And probably still want more, if you offer it!

Who wouldn't want their gift to be appreciated this well?!

Enjoy, Honey Senpai!

@hikaymm Omg this card is sickly adorable. I Love it. Honey senpai <3333 If you put honey together with Momiji from fruits baskets this would be the ultimate heart strike. Lethal.
@Danse omggg I can't even imagine. that'd be total death!!!! a sweet sweet death.