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Getting a body like that of a star is no easy joke. I've always known that they have to adhere to a very strict and healthy diet. Many stars have revealed their diet before and the most recent one was WG's Hye Lim. She tweeted a photo of her meal, saying "Let's make a habit of eating healthy!" The meal is green with veggie and kiwi, and some chicken breast. (This is so much better than Yoobin's diet of only watermelon last year lol) I seriously wonder how she could keep up with her schedule eating this little.
you're welcome! yes please tell me :)
@MoonMinYeon thanks for the encouragement and the info! Maybe I will try this too and tell you if it works hehe
@dreamgirl you're welcome! you can do it! fighting ^_^ it might take a bit of time but if you keep sticking to it, you'll see the results! i also did some physical activity, mosrly walking fast for long distances ( i don't like unning or doing sports so i prefered doing that). Of course you can!!
@MoonMinYeon thank you so much!!! your real experience makes me feel really at ease that this can be done! I'm currently 54kgs (and I'm not very tall) and I wanna cut it down to around 49kgs. I can do this ^^
hope it helps :)
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