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Today's challenge for the Ships & Feels event @tbell2 is running is to share our favorite male or female seiyuu. Though my teacher @Danse is working on helping us all learn more about seiyuu, I don't know very many.
So my favorite seiyuu is a little different.

Meet Kussun.

Kussun (that's her nickname, her full name Aina Kusuda ) voices Nozomi Tojo from Love Live School Idol Festival, who you may know as my best girl ;)
She's amazing!

What makes Kussun so special?

*she's the one in purple!*
Well, you may not know this about Love Live, but there is actually a real group that performs as the girls & their songs, and they're hugely popular in Japan! The seiyuu form the show are also the ones that perform live, which means that Kussun is not only an amazing voice actress, but she is an amazing singer & performer, too!

She captured my heart when her voice was Nozomi's.

And I wasn't the only one! Check out this amazing video of her fans singing her happy birthday! She's the one in purple ^-^

But she's also amazing doing her own projects that aren't related to Love Live!

I love you, Kussun!

omg I didn't know about her, now I see how awsome she is WHOO YOU ROCK!
@BrittanyBocaneg Ahh I'm so late to see this sorry, but I'm so glad that you were able to get to know her <3 <3 she's really, really precious!