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Warning- not actual personalities -maturish
Tae Chan wasted no time once he was out the door. Nervously she slammed it forcing the lock to snap into place before turning around and sighing. This was ridiculous indeed. A simple visit from home had turned into a weird situation. Tae Chan closed her eyes just replaying the scene in her mind. Himchan, her adoptive older brother grabbing her by the arm and pulling her towards him only to shove his pasty lips against hers. Why of all times did he have to act like this now? Was he unhappy with not being able to boss her around anymore? She had only been gone a month from home to be in college. Did Jongup dare him? No Jongup was not the type to be this annoying. Also Jongup was always by her side so pranks were not his usual. Why exactly did this even happen? Was this some sort of joke? Possibly...Himchan was not drunk. She would of smelt it on him once he walked in the door. After a few moments of pondering Tae Chan decided to leave it be and get back to studying. ------- "It seems that the young master was pushed out of the dorm rather quickly," the Male servant hung his head after speaking. This did not sound normal at all. Jongup thought as he spun round in his chair while the butler waited for a response. "Then I guess the game began," "Sir?" The butler searched for answers on the quick glimpses of his young masters face. Jongup stopped spinning his chair just before he looked the man in the eye. "Find me an apartment in the nearby city. Tae Chan will be happy to live next to me," his eyes moved to the edge of the oak desk in front of him then back up to his servant. " My brother is not going to go easy on me for this," It seemed that Himchan had finally decided to punish Jongup. He racked his brain as he began to stand up tossing his pen on the desk. Himchan never wanted to play nice with Tae Chan and Jongup always knew it. That girl was only a pawn in the game their family decided to play and it was either Himchan or him who was going to win. For the sake of the family.
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