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"You've been spending a lot of time in South Korea over recent months and it's been noted that you are particularly close with the Kpop group BIGBANG. Are you planning a move to South Korea in the future?" The reporter from E! asks. You smile, giving yourself a beat before answering.
"I have been spending a lot of time over there, haven't I?" The clicking sounds of cameras shuttering and quick flashes of light illuminate your face as photographers scramble to capture the moment.
"And you've become pretty fluent in Korean as well." He adds. You nod.
"I'd say I'm conversational at best, definitely not fluent. I still need a translator." Shifting slightly in your seat, you shoot a quick glance at Eu jin, standing at the back of the room with Stef and your manger.
"I am very close with the members of BIGBANG, yes. We've become fast friends since our collaboration a couple years back. They're my best friends, like brothers to me." You notice Eu Jin take your phone from her pocket and look at it as if checking a message. You take a deep, slow, closed mouth breath, slowly exhaling through your nose in an effort to calm the rising anticipation in your stomach.
"As for moving there, I have no plans to do so at this time. I've considered renting a small apartment to stay at when I'm in Seoul, but that would only be part time." Again, the clicking of cameras echoes through the space. You steal another glance at Eu Jin who meets your gaze. Understandingly she replies by shaking her head ever so slightly.
"What about your love life?" The voice of the TMZ reporter snaps your attention back to the press junket.
"What about it?" You're mildly annoyed at the question and it takes conscious effort to keep your tone in check.
"Are you seeing anyone? Is there anyone special in your life?" He presses.
"Seriously, people want to know this?"
"It's been close to three years since your very public break up with Chris..." The reporter from Entertainment Tonight chimed in, her voice faltering momentarily as she spoke your ex's name. "Perhaps there is a special Korean man sweeping you off your feet?" You flash a quick smirk, amused at the public's craving for celebrity gossip. Questions like these always make you wonder if they know something you don't. Like they just received an incriminating photo of you from some sleazy, confidential source.
"No, I'm not dating anyone, and no one is sweeping me off my feet, Korean or otherwise. I'm a single pringle..." It was true. This time, you didn't have to lie. However, saying the word single out loud and very publicly as you just have seems to hurt more than you expect. You would have allowed yourself to wince at the sudden ache it caused in your heart, if it weren't for the room full of cameras intently focused on your face.
"It's been a long time. Hasn't there been someone?" Another reporter asks.
"I guess I'm just undateable." You quip with a bubbly flip of your hair and a wide smile. Pretending your heart was intact and your life perfect was becoming easier to do in situations like these. Years of experience in the public eye was responsible for that.
After another 15 minutes of questions, the press junket ends and you bow before leaving the stage. A staffer for the event leads you to the green room and away from the ravenous press, still yelling last minute questions at you.
"Nothing?" You ask Eu jin as she hands you your phone. She's only just passed through the doorway but you're desperate, and she knows it.
"Sorry Y/N. There's still no response." You quickly scroll through your phone. There are messages from your agent, a missed call from your mother, Facebook and Instagram notifications as well as Snaps from both Seungri and Daesung, but that's it. You finally let yourself feel the weight of your heart sinking and let out a heavy sigh. Clicking back through your messages, you scroll through the one sided conversation you've been having with Jiyong.
It's not that you didn't believe Eu Jin, you just needed to see it for yourself. And there it was... nothing. You've been home almost two weeks and you've heard nothing from him. Not a single word. You toss the phone onto the couch at your side and press your fingertips to your creased forehead, releasing a slow, drawn out sigh. Eu Jin steps forward, wrapping her arms around you. Stef joins in, his much longer arms able to reach around the both of you.
"I'm sorry." Eu Jin says in her sweet, quiet voice.
"I'm sure he's just figuring stuff out, Y/N." Stef adds. " No one can stay away from you for long. You're his best friend too. He'll come around."
"He better." You say, blinking the moisture from your eyes.
The smell of Eu Jin's homemade fish stew wafted through the main hall of the house, easily reaching the master bedroom, infiltrating your nostrils and slowly, comfortingly rousing you from an afternoon nap. You allow the smell to invade your senses, keeping your eyes shut a moment longer, savoring the peaceful remnants of sleep.
"Perhaps there is a special Korean man sweeping you off your feet?" The reporter's words pop into your mind.
"Ugh!" You exclaim, trying to push it from your mind. But the reporter's voice repeats. "Perhaps there is a special Korean man sweeping you off your feet?" You feel around the headboard above you, your hand moving along the shelf for your phone. Grabbing it, you pull it down to your face... no messages.
"Perhaps there is a special Korean man sweeping you off your feet?"
"Oh god lady, would you shut up?" You yell into the room. "Perhaps there is a special Korean man sweeping you off your feet?" You sit up in bed, clenching the phone in your right hand.
"No!" You exclaim angrily. "There is no special Korean man sweeping me off my feet, ok? You wanna know why? Do you?" You climb out of bed, limbs wobbly underneath you. "It's because Youngbae doesn't want me.... He used to, but now he wants me to be with his best friend. How messed up is that??? And the best friend? Jiyong? He's real great at the kiss and dash... kissed me and then wants nothing to do with me!" You're yelling into the large room, your voice echoing through the space.
Your cat, Twinkie, looks up at you quizzically from the bedside chair. You grab the silk, flowered robe from the foot of the bed and wrap it around your shoulders. You cross the room to the large bay window, propping one knee on the window seat as you push open both panes of glass. "Korean men don't know how to sweep!" You yell, your head sticking out the window, tears filling your eyes. "They don't know how to use a freaking... broom." You slump down onto the seat, exhausted. "So, I guess I'm just undatable." you mumble to yourself, tears rolling down your cheeks.
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This was so heartbreaking but I kinda laughed when it said "Korean men don't know how to use a broom" 😂😂😂
The feels. God darn it just send a text message Jiyong 😭
Tag me please!
😭i feel bad for her
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