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Today's challenge from @tbell2 is to share one of our favvvvooorrrite romantic scenes from anime, and I've chosen this one!
Potential spoilers and stuff, okay?

I always loved this scene.

I thought this episode was some of the best romantic fiction I ever watched. This scene in particular is perfect! I love the honesty between them, the things they talk about. It might seem cheesy, but these are really the kind of things you talk about when you're comfortable with someone & coming to be open about how much you care for them.
This scene was absolutely beautiful, really. Sure, she's blunt, but she does love him. That's for sure. I especially loved when she went off about the few things she could give him.

We can't always give someone the world, but we can give them our special part of it.

@MajahnNelson Omg that's amazing XD it's totallyw orth leraning, though!! Such a great scene
@hikaymm absolutely
To this day this is my 3rd favorite scene in anime and my 1st favorite romantic anime scene. At one point I knew the entire dialogue for this scene lol 😅😥