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I tried to make this with as many random idols as I could so I hope you get what you weren't expecting By now you already know how this work.. So don't forget to tag your friends and myself so I can see what you got

What Group you debuted in

What role you play

Who you're secretly dating

Partner in Kpop Crime

Your Rival

take it as you wish

Who you Sub-Unit With

Who you had a scandal with

Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future cards

(**warning some future cards may include 18+ content)

debuted- beast role-dancer secretly dating-TOP (oh wow) partner in crime -luna rival-Hani subunit with-baekho and Jackson scandal with-L I think I did good, I like beast, but I'm not very informed of girl groups quite yet so idk who hani and Luna is. it'd be great if someone told me!
Group: AOA (馃槏) Role: Dancer (this is completely and utterly accurate because I love dancing) Secretly dating: Hoseok (the universe loves me today 馃槏馃槀) Partner in crime: Luna (YASS) Rival: Junghan (馃槀 o lord) Sub Unit: Rap Monster and U-Kwon (I'M DED) Scandal: JB (poor JB 馃槀馃槀)
Group - Got7 Role - 4D Secretly dating - Alex Partner in crime - Sunny Rival - Kangman Sub unit - Sunggyu and Vernon Scandal - Jonghun Please tag me in future games!
Could you tag me please
Could I be tagged in the future? Great game BTW! :D
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