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Fact # 1: He went by the names Shrimp Daddy and Baby D before Lil Wayne Fact # 2: His mom encouraged him to have a daughter at 15 because she was lonely while he was on tour with Cash Money. Fact # 3: He says that he stopped listening to other artists' music after Jay-Z's The Black Album. Fact # 4: He says that he stopped doing cocaine because it causes acne and he's a "pretty boy." Fact # 5: He's said that his favorite guest verse of his own is on Destiny Child's "Soldier." Fact # 6: His second tattoo was "Cash Money," which he got across his stomach because he "wanted to be like 2Pac." Fact # 7: He attended classes on campus at the University of Houston, where he majored in Psychology. Fact # 8: He once had to scrub graffiti off of Birdman's house in New Orleans. Fact # 9: He says that his mom made him drop out when she saw him putting a gun in his backpack. Fact # 10: He plans to make Tha Carter V his last album and retire at 35. WHAT retire at 35?!?!! nooooooo : ((
릴웨인너무좋아요^^ 잘읽고갑니다
@YinofYang any suggestions? :D
Hahahaha! Yeah, I hear you. @miranpark88 I've been listening to a lot of new groups who do dubstep, but it's the chill dubstep or melodic dubstep. It's been great!
@YinofYang i'm going through this electronic music momentum right nowwww hahahah maybe because of UMF coming up really soonnn
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