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How cute is this couple? :)
sounds really fun!! and oohh!! I want that geek shirt! lol where did u get it? my hubby and I would love to wear it lol
Oh, as to why we ended up wearing the same shirt...maybe! LOL! He and I do get along brilliantly.
@shoenami Well, I'm a huge fan of football/soccer and when the World Cup comes around, I get super excited. Well, Spain is one of my teams and I bought us all shirts to wear to the matches (at the pub). The other matching shirts were these limited edition design shirts that say Geek on the front, but each word is made up of dozens of small images depicting various things from fantasy, sci-fi, computers, etc. :D
@YinofYang lol! well, how come you have the same shirt? serious telepathy? lol
@shoenami Wahahaha! Really? Awww. It actually wasn't on purpose. We were on our honeymoon and of course, limited clothing...we ended up both packing the same shirt. I was too lazy to change when I realized he was wearing the same thing. The other one was the same thing. I picked him up and he was wearing the same shirt. We had a good laugh each tiem.
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