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You may have heard people talking about the Zika virus on the news recently.

Maybe you haven't.

But I noticed that when one concerned Vingler asked about it, worried about the disease rampaging through her country, no one seemed to know what she was talking about. Sorry, folks, but you're going to be hearing all about it. Way more than you'll ever want to, in fact. :( Zika Virus is a mosquito born virus that is currently blanketing Central and South America. By the end of Summer 2016, it will be everywhere in the Americas except Canada and inland Chile. But what is it? Is it dangerous? Should you be scared? Check out this video for 10 facts about the Zika Virus. It's really well done. Then, we'll talk.
That was pretty extensive, but we're going to hit a few points again for clarity's sake. Plus, there has been new information since they produced their video, which is probably a good thing.
This is where the confirmed cases have been cited. Since this was made, the CDC has also confirmed thirty-one cases in the United States and seven cases in Spain. All are the results of people visiting Latin America, becoming infected, and then returning home. NONE are the result of mosquitoes being in the US or Europe at this time.
See that small print at the bottom there about how sexual transmission is unconfirmed? Big fat Lies.
There is a confirmed case in Texas of the Zika Virus being sexually transmitted between partners. The male visited Venezuela and then returned home infected. After having sex with his significant other, she tested positive for the virus, as well. However, this is not the first time that this had happened!
Apparently, Colorado scientist, vector biologist Brian Foy of Colorado State University, seems to "have accidentally written virological history simply by having sex with his wife after returning from a field trip to Senegal." After working in Senegal, he returned to Fort Collins, Co and did what any man would want to do: had sex with his wife...and he created history: the first ever documented sexually transmitted insect-borne disease. He gave his wife the Zika Virus. That was in 2008!
Thanks Honey!!! <3
So guys and gals, if you have the virus, feel a little grimy, please, don't have sex for a few days, ok? You can wait, right? Riiiight, my Latin Lovers? 💜 OR AT LEAST USE PROTECTION! *gasp* ;-)
The symptoms for adults are very similar to the flu: • fever • rash • joint pain • muscle pain • red, itchy eyes • headache If you live in the affected area and are experiencing these symptoms, you need to see a doctor. While the Zika Virus rarely requires hospitalization, doctors do need to do special tests to confirm that you have the virus. You also need to avoid getting bitten again for a week if you are infected, so that you can help prevent spreading the virus any further. If you are pregnant, live in or are visiting any of these areas, and are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is very important that you see a doctor Immediately!!! Pregnant mothers with Zika Virus are giving birth to babies with microcephaly, a neurological disorder in which a baby is born with a head that is too small, causing seizures, developmental delays, intellectual disabilites, and other problems.
The main thing that people must do to protect themselves at this point:


I know, I know... That's practically impossible, right? I'm not just from Alabama, I'm from south Alabama, where Florida and Alabama just run smack into each other and become one big blur and then: Beaches!! There's water and swamp everywhere. Mosquitoes should be the state bird. Point is: I GET IT. But there are a few things that you can do to help cut down on how many mosquitoes are in your immediate vicinity.

Remember the 5 D's:

•DRAIN all standing water in your yard, including in the gutters and on tarps, in toys, tools, etc. <-- Do it. Even a few teaspoons of standing water is enough for a mosquito to lay eggs in and start colonizing. (Which, by the way, can also cause heart worms in dogs if they drink it. Just don't leave water standing around the yard!!!)
•DRESS yourself and cover your skin.
•DEFEND your skin with repellents.
Most mosquitos are more active at DUSK and DAWN. However, the mosquito that carries Zika, the Aedes aegypti, prefers DAYTIME to be more active.
•Honestly, just stay inside in air conditioned areas, if possible. *sigh* Keep screens on your windows and keep them intact.

So, catch all that? Any questions? I'll be happy to answer them. Tag me in the comments and ask away. If I don't know the answer, I will find out. It's what I do. Ciao, amici.

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