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Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

Literally. But how drastic is too drastic? Well, I'll leave that answer up to you. Having a significant other is a perk, a lovely one at that. I mean who doesn't want someone to call their own?
An editor for Cosmopolitan, decided she would share her love with the world and she did just that -- although her significant other wasn't exactly what you would expect. They say, 'fake it til' you make it' and for Hannah Smothers, that's exactly what she did.
For one full week, Hannah posted to Instagram images of what looked like herself and her significant other to have people thinking she was in a relationship just in time for lover's day -- or as most call it, Valentine's Day. Her reasoning was obviously pretty straight forward, she said: 'If anything, I figure the combination of Valentine's Day + being in a relationship + aesthetically pleasing flowers shot from above = potential triple digit-like territory, and the only thing keeping me from reaching such ecstasy is ... lacking a boyfriend.'
Now although this is a tad bit crazy, I'll admit her execution was spot on and she definitely did an amazing job when it came to fooling others.
Her pictures look extremely realistic, except for the fact that the face of her 'significant other' is never quite revealed. She mentions that the quality of the pic doesn't woo the followers if it doesn't have a lit caption to match. Ladies, take notes. Okay, not really, but if you ever want to trick someone into thinking you're happily taken you now know what to do.
While Hannah's experiment worked in her favor, like every relationship -- it ended and on that note she only had one thing left to say: 'Insta boyfriends (and IRL boyfriends) come and go, but selfies are forever.'

Would you go this far to fake a significant other?

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definitely speaks VERY LOUD about society! and I second that! Destiny's Child sang about Independent Women, she better claim her independence & enjoy the single life @nicolejb. I'm sure she learned a lot about herself throughout that week experiment though.
emm..I can do that....but for how long you want to fake it...just don't have time for that. look desperate I think
definitely desperate, although she was doing a social experiment so she gets a pass @atmi
@jordanhamilton ohhh let's do it! A Vingle movie! ;)
I'm sooooo down! Lol @ButterflyBlu