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Sorry for waiting so long to upload this..everytime I tried to post it something always came up. But its finally here and I'm so excited. Hopefully you guys will enjoy, its my first one so......Enjoy!!!!
For millennia Exo planet has been protected by 12 noble knights appointed by the King. Each knight possessed a specific ability which is why the King took notice of them quickly. With the parent's approval, he trained them in combat and sword techniques while also educating them. They were already experts in their powers so in only a few years they were the strongest people on the planet. Things were going perfect until the King got deathly sick before he died he appointed the leader of EXO knights to King. With his new duties as King the leader decided to disband the EXO knights so they could build their own families. Before they left, however, they decided to train their kids to be the next generation of EXO knights. Once they had kids they trained in their abilities that was inherited. They then sent the kids to a dorm to live together so they could train and bond until they were ready to come together at the King's palace where they would be officially pronounced as the EXO Knights. Our story will follow one Knight who has to overcome strife, love, and betrayal....that person is Chanyeol.

I hope you guys enjoy this prologue!! Chapter 1 will be posted soon!!

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@AnaP I excited too @JessicaEvaristo I'm glad you like it
Tag me please 鈽猴笍
could u tag me! sounds awesome!
This sounds super interesting! I want to keep reading it! :)
Tag Me please!!!! I love Chanyeol!! He is my bias in EXO >.< @JohnEvans
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