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29 Days of Marvel (5)

The prophecy of DEATH!! Day 5 I am pretty sure like 99% that the lovable Captain America dies. Every since they came out with the news that they're makeing a civil war movie my dad, who has more knowledge about this stuff than me kept telling me that he was gonna go and leave us all behind( well he didn't say it like that). At first I denied it many times, after all he's the type that like's to tease me about characters I like and it end up being lies. But I faced the facts and realized it's highly possible that we will no long see Chris Evan adorn those red and blue garments. What. A. Shame.
@buddyesd hombre fuerte verde? XD
@ButterflyBlu yea a little while haha
@buddyesd lmao You've been thinking about this for a while haven't you...
@ButterflyBlu we should make a movie, we could call the Avengers Real: Guerra Civíl con El Capitán Mexico, Él Hombrrrrre de Fierrrrro, La Viuda Negrrrrrra, Él Ojo de Halcón, Él Tor y él...Hulk i have no idea how to translate that lol
Welllll, if they follow the comics............ >.> <.<
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