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Leave it up to Sephora to create something amazing.

First there was spray on nail polish [see here] and now, thanks to your favorite cosmetic company we have been introduced to spray on blush. I mean seriously, does it really get any better than that? Applying blush can be a task because you don't want to apply too much, but you want to apply just enough so that it's visible. Now you don't have to worry about being heavy handed because this amazing mist airbrush blush has come to save the day and any makeup mistakes you may possible make along the way.
According to Sephora: 'This lightweight airbrush blush provides long-lasting, buildable color. The waterproof formula ensures that color will never smudge, run, or fade, while InstaBlend technology creates a fine, even mist for weightless color application.' Retailing for a small fee of $20 and coming in a total of four color choices, I honestly don't think it gets any better than this. If you're interested in hearing more about this creative innovation, keep scrolling and check out the quick, informative video below.
Pretty cool if you ask me.

Would you give spray on blush a try?

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I totally agree! I have to see it for myself @MyAffairWith
id try it but I'd be a little scared not gonna lie lol
yeahhh, me too! I don't want it to come out too fast and look like a clown lol but I love the fact that it's different @stephosorio
wow.. nice but I agree with marshalledgar..maybe rather use old fashion blusher.. actually I don't really use blusher when putting makeup on my face.. because Idk some how my cheek look 'red'
totally understand! you can always opt for a more bronzy or neutral blush if you don't want your cheeks to look flushed @atmi