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Lee Min Ho celebrated his 7 year anniversary since debut with fans from all over the world. Lee Min Ho, who debuted in 2006, is now into his 7th year as an actor. He received a great amount of congratulatory messages from his fans. Fans from all over the world came together to show their never-ending support and love for Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho's agency stated, "Fans from all over the world, including Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, U.S., Europe and more have been sending gifts and holding events for his special day." Korean fans showed their support by putting up billboards around Korea to congratulate him on his anniversary. They have been doing this event for the past 4 years. Japan fans made a wrapping bus especially for him to showcase his anniversary. China fans have donated a large amount of money to the victims from the earthquake in China under his name as well. Many other countries also showed their support and congrats through other events and messages and gifts as well. Fans from his official fan club, Minoz, wrote messages such as, "We will always support you", "We will be with you even for your 70th anniversary", "We will be with you forever" and "Our shining star, Lee Min Ho." On the other hand, Lee Min Ho will be releasing an album, My Everything, as a gift to his fans for showing their great support. He will also be starting his global tour starting in Korea. He also showed his thanks through SNS saying, "Lucky7! Thanks for all your support." cr:kpopstarz
please oppaaaa come soon..
congratulations oppaa...i love u sooo much...u knoe i m from india nd i really want dat one day u'll come to india...b'coz in india dere are lots of fans of urs...
I think that this anniversary will be a national celebration in the future lol, I wonder what his birthday will look like ^^, though he deserves it his staff and working team also they do great great job :-)
@paulabautista sure love! what is it? ^^
@chasinghapiness: hi. do u speak korean?
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