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As I've mentioned before, I recently got back into the gym.

It's definitely been a challenge finding the endurance I once had not too many months ago, but I'm trucking along for the journey. While I find myself gaining both confidence and strength when I walk through those double doors full of people with the same end goal as myself, there's one thing that immediately catches my eye -- the attire. When it comes to the gym, it's not a fashion show. Nobody really cares how you look or what you have one because at the end of your workout, you'll be a sweaty mess regardless.
They say, 'when you look good, you feel good' and I find that statement to be extremely true -- even when it comes to working out. When I have on a pair of color workout leggings opposed to a solid black pair and a pair of fly workout kicks on, I feel more capable of getting through a workout. Because of this, lately I have been eyeing and purchasing little by little pieces that will make my workout and my style come to life when in the gym. With that being said, I have shared a few images below that I feel would make any woman immediately want to go shopping and head straight to the gym. Keep scrolling to check them out for yourself.

What's your favorite item to work out in?

Oooh these area actually really cool
I like all of them though. I usually wore sports bra and a short for gym. (but i will always add a layer of loose shirt) not that comfortable just wearing a sports bra >.<
lol yes! it's cute, but I'm sure by the end of your workout you will be drenched in sweat haha @humairaa
@jordanhamilton i wonder how much i'll sweat in the last one. It'll feel like hell in that lol!
I agree! I love the print. Although I'm more of a sweatshirt kinda chick, so I'm def diggin' the second to last one @humairaa
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