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of course I was late to class again and the teacher of course yelled at me again! so yeah my first day sucked a lot but honestly it's probably because of what alien hyung said and it bugs me. "what was he trying to tell me saying I love foreign girls?" I said out loud but at that moment I realized I shouldn't have said that out loud because he was right behind me hugging me. "I mean I like you because your different." he says his lips close my ear. I freaked out in my head but stayed still but I think I shouldn't have because he turned me around and leaned in. "y/n starting from today and on you will be my girlfriend." he started to lean in more and I was blushing hard. he finally kissed me upfront with everyone staring. "doesn't he know I could make his life worse and everyone could hate him because he likes a American girl?! " I kept thinking but all he did was shut me up with his lips. after all that was over he walked me to every class holding my hand. "your so cute what are you thinking y/n?" he asked me. "I am thinking what's going to happen to you for liking me... " he looked at me and smiled. "you make it seem like I care Wat others think, I love you y/n and I'll never stop. " his answer made me feel kinda happy inside and he could tell as he saw a smiles sprout on my face. for the whole day the next day because of alien hyung I wasn't late to any classes and actually made a few friends. when it was lunch alien hyung said he's gonna buy something for us and to wait. I waited what felt like forever but am arm grabbed my wrist. I turned around suprised only to see a cute kid who had a perfect smile on. "hello foreign student I'm jungkook but call me kookie and what's your name?" I was scared but answered. "I am y/n" I said in a studdered voice. "ah tae is right you are adorable and cute" he hugged me and put his hand on my butt. I blushed so hard that I couldn't move or speak. "hey sorry to break it to you kookie but that property and everything with it is mine" I turned around fast to see a mad looking alien. sorry I was late I had a lot happening oh well tagging! @taehyungkey @ninjamidori @nnatalieg @Jessicacosta90 @reyestiny93 @sugalessjams @sarahvandorn @sarahdawish @maelyn @thepinkprincess @kpopandkimichi @passthesuga @moonchild03 @bibes19 @jaiipanda @pretieeemm @superjuniorelf @serenitythao @bridgetjara @nykeaking @kagamine381 @donnalykaraxas @kaelishearer @niahritaylor @ewillsea @keniaaxox comment if you wanna be tagged or removed part 3 tomorrow jin story part 1 in a little bit!
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@TaehyungKey Yay saranghae hyung
@DestinaByrd Hi Tokki :) miss you too
@taehyungkey I miss you big brother hyung 😭😙
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