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I mean, how great is this photo? And yes, this is his official NASA photo. If you are an animal lover, you know that your animals are as much a part of your life as anyone's children are.

Meet Leland Melvin.

Leland Melvin was selected by NASA in 1998 β€” he is a veteran of two space flights and clocked more than 565 hours in space. Before being an astronaut, Melvin was a professional football player, playing for Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys. He retired from football after an injury and then became an astronaut. After losing his hearing in an underwater exercise, he could no longer serve in space missions. He then joined the education arm of NASA and served as the head of it and was co-chair of the White House Education Task Force. He retired from NASA in February of 2015.
However, that wasn't the end of his adventures. He is now a viral Internet star with this picture of Melvin in his signature orange astronaut suit with his two best friends. This is his official NASA portrait and features his two dogs, Jake and Scout.
Jake and Scout behaved for another shot and sat next to Melvin. And the award for the best NASA portrait goes to... Leland Melvin!
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Aww, I love it!! They are so cute and happy to hang out with their dad! <3
This is adorable πŸ˜†
I love this guy! An astronaut and an animal lover!