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It's getting close to a year since they came out with Bounce! I'm really anticipating another twisted fairy tale ^_^
How many other BestFriends are there waiting as well!?
is it me or does Youngmin look a tad like Kookie?
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@MattK95 it's been so long!! lol
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@JessAS I know!!!
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I want them back already lol. I love them.
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I love all of their songs!!! Especially Bounce and Obsession! I can't wait for them to come back! 馃槂馃槃
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@BangsterLife I do too! they were the first group I accidentally looked into and I've been hooked since 馃槀 @Lexxcisco I know! I've always loved Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland and was really excited about Bounce since it was the first comeback after I found kpop 馃榿馃槏
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